To lose weight isn’t an easy task but when you know the right thing to do, it becomes easier. So here we go

how to lose weight fast

Shedding a few pounds from your body is not easy, it requires lots of effort and dedication.

I know you easy the body of those sexy models you see on the runway, and probably desire a body like theirs, guess what? You are in the right place.

It doesn’t matter if you are extra-large, with the relentless effort you can shed that extra pounds and get the sexy body you desire.

if you are in the range of 100- 150 pounds, am here to tell you that it is very risky to your health, so why not kill two birds with one stone.

losing weight isn’t all about been sexy, it also improves your state of health, and am sure you already

know that extremely weight contribute to health challenges like hypertension and high blood pressure.

You are not alone in this, there are many people suffering from this, sometimes hormone plays a vital role.

You are probably wondering how Lepacious Bose managed to shed that fat from

her body, those are some of the tips that I will be dishing out to you today.

After doing this continuously for 60 days, I guarantee that you are going to see changes in your body,

this doesn’t mean in just 60 days you are going to have a body like Beyonce, Angelina Jolie and Priyanka Chopra.

Hell No! A body like theirs requires a long-term effort.

Enough of the chitchat and let’s get started . . . . . . . . .

How to lose weight fast in 60 days

Change your diet

I guess by now you already know that a rigid fitness plan won’t be the only thing you

will be needing to get rid of that extra fat, your diet also plays a major role in this.

Research from many angles indicates that high protein intake and hitting the gym

Regularly contributes a great deal to weight loss, these two goes hand in hand.

If you are addicted to eating junks or foods high in carbs, you probably want to cut those down because is actually contributing to your weight.

I know this may be hard on you because you probably enjoy taking them, before we go on it may interest you

to know that this substance contains starch which if present as excess in the body will be converted and stored as fat.

Now you know the point am driving at. Carbs may be cheaper, but not better. Switch from carbs and go for proteins and vegetables instead.

Eat a balanced diet every day in the next seven days for 2 months and see how fabulous your body will look.

Have you heard of the saying that says ” You become What you eat”?

if you haven’t, now you have. Never under-estimate your Diet.

The driving force behind weight loss is to burn more calories than you store, your diet helps you take in the calories you need,

on the other hand, Exercise burns the calories you don’t need.

You must have it at the back of your mind that in weight loss,

Catabolism must Exceed Anabolism, the reverse goes for weight gain.
Hit the gym Everyday

This is no secret, one of the most effective way of losing weight is hitting the gym.

this doesn’t just help I weight loss, it also tones your body as a whole giving you a nice shape.

One of the best machine for weight loss is the treadmill, a treadmill is a good way to burn calories because it combines both running and walking.

Crunches and planks also do magic to your body, they tone your core, back, and butt.

You don’t want to look like an Amoeba after shedding those pounds, which is more reason

you should go for an exercise that doesn’t just burn calories but also tones your body.

Planks and crunches also give your body strength, they make those sagging parts firm again, and also useful if you want to get rid of belly fat.

Your weight loss regime may not rid your body of belly fat, fat belly is quite hard to overcome.

Imagine if you could get rid of that extra weight and at the same time and at the same time

work on getting those sexy abs, won’t it be great? You don’t need to imagine anymore because crunches will do that for you.

Go for a walk

Sitting down in one spot all day isn’t going to help you, instead, you are actually making the situation worse.

We are addicted to watching TV, we spend 5 hours or more at the front of our television

without moving an inch, imagine if you could take an hour or two from that time and go for a walk, isn’t it going to be more helpful to you?.

Turn off your TV set today and put your body to use. Going for a walk can be tough at first,

but with the time you get used to it and derive more joy from doing so.

Sometimes you have to drop your car key and walk to your destination, this will help in reducing your weight.

Engaging in sport activities

Sports activities like running, cycling, basketball and football contribute a great deal to weight loss.

They keep all your organs active and at the same time burn calories.

These activities have proven to be even more effective compared to fitness regimes,

they bring wholesome changes to your body and not just in the area of weight loss.

When running or cycling, excess fat that would have been stored as fat is put into use to provide energy for the body to complete its activities.

Engaging in sport reduces the risk of having high blood pressure and diabetes, with this, you are using one stone to kill two or more birds.

The bonus about this is that it doesn’t have to be boring like the gym, you meet new people and socialize while doing it, you catch a lot of fun in the process.

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Weight lose need a lot of work and commitments, you don’t need to give up because many that fat more than you become slimmer

and you too can, but you need some sacrifices to make in order to lose weight properly. Those sacrifices are your time, money and stresses.

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When you did everything we discuss here, I’m sure with time you will see a good result.

Don’t allow your fatness to make your husband chase you away, take action now before it would be too late.

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