Getting Google AdSense approval has been one hell of a nightmare for most web publishers.

You’ve probably heard about a countless number of people failing to get AdSense approval

and so fear the same might happen to you. Not to worry, this post is about to show you a once in a lifetime solution to your problem.

Fasten your seat belt as an about to unveil the secret to getting a Google AdSense approval in one try, yes! I mean in just one try.

Your days of rejection is about to come to an end, as these simple tips am about to unveil to you will land you your approval.

You are about to find out why your application has been turned down numerous times by Google. We do not just give you reasons, we equally offer solutions.

You’ve probably heard a lot about people making money through their AdSense and will like to try it out, it’s no scam,

AdSense is a program designed by Google to help web publishers earn money when their ads are clicked on.

The money you earn from AdSense depends on the number of people who clicks on your ads.

Don’t get this twisted, this isn’t as easy as it sounds, Google has made the criteria for getting approval hard,

with many applications tendered every day, it boils down to the survival of the fittest.

Google is on the lookout for sites who will give value and not trash. In case you are wondering, there is a big probability of your application getting turned down by Google.

We have been through this phase that is why we don’t want you to ace as long as we took before you start earning.

This post is created with the aim of showing you how to get Google AdSense approval in one try.

Before that let’s show you the reason your approval may not be approved.



Most people ignore this part, but the simple truth is you will never get Google AdSense approval if your content is trash.

Google approving any application, Google monitoring team gets to review your website to see if it qualifies for their program.

On area critically examined is the content on your fall, this can make or break you.

Before you apply for AdSense ask yourself this question, Does my content solve problems?
Does my content give value?
Is my content worth reading?

If your answers are negative, I suggest you work on this area before applying because a good content should contain the above features


There are bloggers only good at copying others work, this is known as plagiarism a term used to refer to article theft.

Google has a strict rule concerning plagiarism, they only approve sites with unique content, one that is free from spelling or grammatical errors.

If you are guilty of this act, it is time to desist, brace yourself to write your contents,

if you aren’t good at writing, you can easily get good writers to write for you at an affordable price.


Imagine working in a room with broken mirrors and a dull painting hanging on the wall,

you probably won’t spend too much time there, this is how some websites appear.

Nothing attracts people like stunning graphics designs and colorful pictures,

if your website appearance is like that of a broken house, is time to fix it.

Everyone has an eye for an aesthetic which is why sites with credible appearance retain more visitors than others.


A website growth is measured by the amount of traffic it drives, both organic and inorganic.

Just think about it, who will like to invest in a business, which doesn’t attract customers, your answer is as good as mine.

The reason people invest is to make a profit which can’t happen when there are no patronizes.

In case you don’t know, a certain percentage of income realized from

clicking on your ads goes to Google, which means they won’t give

approval to a site with low traffic because they will be on the losing end.

The power of content also applies here, a good content attracts more visitors which in turn increase traffic.

to get ahead of the competition, and you must create a content that

is SEO friendly as it uses tools like keyword to reach your targeted audience.

Now you know where the problem lies…….
Just as promised, this tips listed below will help you get your Google AdSense approval in one try


Give your site a new look that will get visitors to visit your site over and over again.

do not under-estimate the power of appearance .people love colors, and when they find one to feed their eyes, they will surely return.


Have you ever wondered why some pages rank higher than the other in search results?

It is simple, the answer is SEO. SEO means search engine optimization,

a tool used by most site owners to drive traffic to their site by using keywords.

so now you understand my Forbes content always ranks higher in search engine result.

SEO helps you create an article that is plagiarism free and, grammatically correct.

What is the essence of AdSense when you can’t drive traffic? More traffic means people get to visit and some probably get to click your ads.


People love new stories, gist, and all the latest happenings. Blogging is a serious

business and shouldn’t be taken as child’s play, it requires hard work.

No one can attract traffic with just 2 posts in a week, posting new articles every day gets you more traffic which results in more visitors,

more visitors translates to a high conversion rate. Google is on the lookout for quality and quantity.


Your website should be able to provide few insights about your person, an “about “page should be created,

with details like email address and a picture of you to be included in the page.

Due to increase rate of scam, Google uses this method to create security and for recognitions.


Your website should have privacy policy and terms of use Page so that It can be

clear for Google to know that, you Care about your readers and for them to place a better ad on your website.

Privacy policy isn’t only important to Google, it also very essential for your business because

it acquaint your audience a clear of what’s their data you have collected is for or how it been used.

AdSense is a huge opportunity for making money, some bloggers solely live on income generated from their

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AdSense account, and this shows how lucrative this venture is. With the right strategy, you will be smiling to your bank every month.

Getting AdSense account is not mission impossible, and yes you can get your Google AdSense approval in one try.

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