There are some things that course kidney failure, you may not aware of, stay tune to read this article till end because there is things you would discover today.

And it would help you, to avoid kidney failure and any of kidney problems.

When was the last time you went to the hospital to check on your kidney? long time you may say, this may come back to haunt you sooner than you think.

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Surveys conducted by neurologists indicate that 25m Nigerians suffer from kidney failure every year,

I thought this figure was a fraud, so I took it upon myself to make my own findings.

My search for clarity took me to one of the best specialist hospitals in the country(name withheld).

like everyone else, I hate hospitals. the smell, nurses yelling, incoming patient drenched in

blood and cry of loss didn’t go down well with me, what could I do, I was on a mission to uncover the truth.

To save you the sermon, in my short stay, no fewer than 10 persons were rushed in for kidney failure,

I needed no one to tell me the truth anymore. Days passed by and I thought the only solution was to

educate people on this topic, maybe if they know a way to avoid this, fewer people will be admitted on this case every day

Health is wealth, your health is a major concern, through my research I was able to come up

wit a list of ten things you didn’t know are causing harm to your kidney. Ignorance is no excuse, be warned!

  1. Smoking

You’ve heard this countless number of times, but for some reason choose to ignore it, am probably

the 101st person to tell you that ‘ smoking is bad for you’ . it may interest you to know that

most cases of kidney failure arise from excessive smoking and taking of alcohol thereby

increasing the rate of chronic renal disease arising from the changes in the lining of the artery

relating to the kidney, which causes in inflammation and a disease called Atherosclerosis. 

2.Food you Eat

You’re probably surprised to see this, yes! The foods you consume may have a negative effect on your kidney.

Studies show that foods rich in carbs and fat aren’t friendly to your kidney.

 3.Excess salt intake

Your kidneys are useful in maintaining salt and water balance in your bloodstream,

taking too much salt raises the level of sodium in your blood, disrupting the ability of your kidney to get rid of excess water.

this results in high blood pressure due to strains which develop in the blood vessels leading to your kidney.

With time, these strain widens resulting in kidney failure. Excess salt consumption is one of the causes of kidney stone.


You probably saw this coming . . . . .
When you take to the habit of consuming Non- prescriptive drugs

such as Pain relievers, tramadol, Codeine, Heroin, and marijuana, you run a risk of damaging your kidney.

Most of these drugs contain substance which overworks your kidney resulting in kidney failure.

 5.Lack of Regular Exercise

Benefits derived from Regular Exercise are numerous, your body system benefits from this including your kidney.

Lack of exercise results in weight gain and obesity. Your lazy approach towards exercise may cause you your health.

some of the benefits derived from Regular Exercise include normal blood pressure, low cholesterol levels,and reduced blood sugar level.

Obesity can incur consequences like Diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease and failure.

 6. Steroids

Most people are unaware of the negative effect of steroids in their body system .

Muscle enhancers and cosmetic products use steroid as an ingredient.

Bodybuilders are fond of using steroids to increase their muscle mass and strength, unknowingly causing additional harm to their body organ.

A prolonged use of steroids causes harm to the liver, kidney, and lungs.

Research shows that bodybuilders who derive joy from using steroids are mostly affected by a disease known as segmental

focal Glomerulosclerosis, a condition which causes scar within the kidney.

 7. Not Getting Enough Sleep

It is observed that most people spend five hours or less in sleep, owing to their hectic schedules, unfortunately, this increases your risk of renal failure.

Shorter sleep results in rapid decline of renal functionality . Most cases of chronic kidney disease arise from certain factors, lack of sleep inclusive.

To live a long happy life, take it upon yourself to sleep for five hours or more, this will do you a whole lot of good.

  8. Alcoholism

excessive consumption of Alcohol can have a negative effect on your kidney, one or two drink a day will do.

Alcohol doesn’t just affect the kidney, other vital organs such as liver, lung, and heart have their own share.

The major function of the kidney is to rid the body of waste and toxic substance through your bloodstream, what you ingest will go

through screening in the kidney, alcohol is known to contain toxins which overloads the kidney, leading to kidney failure.

  9. Ignor nature’s call

We all are guilty of this, you’ve done this a couple of time, no need to feel bad,one or two situations may arise which you can’t help but delay the urge to pee.

One or two times won’t hurt, if you are one of those that derive pleasure from delaying

the need to empty their bladder, you may find yourself in serious trouble later, especially the ladies.

Your bladder isn’t going to explode like most people suggest, a more realistic consequence is UTI.

You may want to ask how this relates to your kidney, it affects you more than you think.

the urinary tract is made of the kidney, ureter, bladder, and urethra. Holding your urine exposes you to risk of getting kidney stone,

which arises from solid mineral deposits like calcium and sodium. Your urine is a way of getting rid of these deposits.

You probably want to deny it, but resisting to pee isn’t comfortable for you either, you feel sharp pains in your lower abdomen, and anxiety when you do this.

 10. Non- committed to checking

Due to your busy work schedule, you pass on your doctor’s appointment much time than you can remember.

Regulars check up monitor the condition of your health and help prevent in pending danger.

Check up warns you of arising situations which needs be attended and taken care of.

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