Trying to figure out the right mtn tariff plan for you may be hectic, high call rate is just one of the numerous problems plaguing some of this communication companies.

Mtn Tariff Plan

As if been overcharged on calls isn’t enough, sometimes your account balance will be deducted even without making calls.

Fortunately, MTN is one of few companies with a favorable tariff plans and low call rate.

Some mtn tariff plans charges as low as #12 for 1 minute.

Ipulse, Xtravalue, Beta talk and start pack are just a few of many tariff plans offered by MTN.

Most times we make the mistake of choosing a tariff plan without taking note of certain things.

This article will guide you in choosing the right mtn tariff plan putting call rates and data bundles into consideration.

Apart from having mtn tariff plan which offers some of the lowest call rates if you compare to that of other

companies like GLO and Airtel, their plans also comes with a lots of mouth-watering benefits.

Personally, I use MTN to make calls, I rarely use my Airtel or Glo sims except for browsing since they have a cheaper data plan.

I had a terrible experience with Airtel and Glo, apart from high call rates, their internet services can be very terrible at times.

Enough of the side talks, let’s shift our attention back to MTN …..
Mtn pulse is my pick any day anytime,

those who stay up between 12 – 4 am understand what I mean…. Not to worry I promise to let you in on our little secret later.

My main reason for choosing ipulse is because of it low call rate, this plan charges as low as 11k/s but with some strings attached.

If you do the mathematics you will find out that you will be charged just #6.6 for 1 minute.

Let me not bore you with calculations, let’s go straight to business.
These post presents you with every information you need concerning mtn

tariff plans, after reading through am sure you will find yourself in a better position to make the right call concerning mtn tariff plans.

Lists of mtn tariff plan in 2019

MTN Beta Talk

Beta Talk was my previous plan until I found out about ipulse which I will be explaining after this.

If you are one of those that love bonus and love to triple your recharge, I recommend beta talk for you.

With Beta talk, you are charged 42k/s for local calls from your account balance and 45k/s from your bonus account.

If you do your mathematics well, that respectively translates to #25.20 and #27 for a minute.

For every recharge on the Beta talk you get 3× bonus on your recharge from #100 and above.

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For a recharge of #100 you get #200 as bonus,#200 you get #400 as a bonus, I will leave you to do the rest calculation yourself.

All national calls, SMS, and Data will be deducted from the main account as soon as your bonus account runs dry.

If you are one of those that spend longer time on the internet, I advise you get a data plan.

You will find your account balance Reading zero after few minutes on the internet.


To migrate to Beta talk Dial: *123*2*1# or Text BT to 131.

For tech geeks and those who love to stay up in the late hours of the night, the next plan is for you.

MTN Pulse

I promised to let you in on our little secret earlier, any way you are close to finding out.

Mtn pulse is one of the most advertised plans, it shouldn’t come as a surprise it

deserves all the attention is getting. In all truth and honesty, it is the most favorable plan.

Apart from a call rate of 11k/s after being charged 20k/s for the first 50 seconds….. Now you know

the strings attached, with just #100 of recharge you can chat with your folk and best buddy for 12 minutes.

In my case with just #500 airtime I and my best friend can talk for close to one hour, sometimes we even lose track of time. Oh yeah! That’s how nice it gets.

Mtn Tariff Plans

Pulse comes with a lot of benefits, you get free 10mb on #100 recharge for 24 hours, 20 MB for #200 and so on. You can subscribe to a data bundle of 1Gb with #500 for 1 week.

Now! is time to unveil our secret- with #25 you can subscribe to a night plan of 500mb valid from 12-4am per SIM.

If you are the gullible type, you can get four different Sim like I do and enjoy unlimited data throughout the night. To migrate to mtn pulse dial- *123*2*2#.

MTN startpack

Also referred to as mtn “yafun yafun”. This plan is available to only new users, as it name implies it comes with a lot of “Ogbonge” benefits for new customers.

Customers begin to enjoy numerous benefits after registering and activating their sim. Benefits enjoyed include:

– 700% bonus on every Recharge.

– free weekly access to WhatsApp.

To get your 700% bonus, just dial *555*pin digit# and “gbagam” you will automatically receive your bonus on every recharge from #100 and above.

This bonus lasts for just 7 days in the next 3 month after which you will be automatically migrated to Beta Talk.

This bonus is used to make local calls as well send SMS at the same rate to all networks.


If you are not comfortable with Beta Talk you can migrate to other plans of your wish.

MTN XtraValue

XtraValue plan comes with two-way benefit interns of call and data. With XtraValue you can choose from any of the two listed below:

XtraTalk Value

This bundle offers more airtime for voice calls than data bundle while XtraData Bundle offers more data than Airtime.

XtraData and Xtra Talk bundle bonus vary, for example with a recharge of #300 you get #1000 with 50mb valid

for 7 days for XtraValue While Extra Data offers you #380 for calls + 150mb for the same recharge of #300.

For a recharge of #500, you get 1,950 and 100m for xtraTalk while XtraData offers you #600 plus 350mb valid for 7 days.

To get the breakdown of all benefit visit. for details on recharge higher than #500.

This offer is available to only prepaid customers. To subscribe to any of the two bundle, dial *131*2# and select your preferred bundle. Some Mtn tariff plans are amazing.


that is all we have you you now but as time go we would continue to update it, so return time to time.

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