I always see this question poping up a lot, MTN VS GLO?,  which one of the telecommunication

network do you think is the biggest?, don’t forget to say your thought at the end

Mtn and glo remains the biggest telecommunication company in Nigeria with over 70 million users subscribed to their network.

The battle between these two heats up everyday with the need to crown one these two becoming paramount.

Just like the war between android and iPhone doesn’t seems to end anytime soon, we can also likened that to these two. They both remain the biggest rivals in telecom.

Personally, am a fan of these two and an active subscriber, with the hype cycling around Airtel and Etisalat these two still stand their ground as the best in the game.

Judging from past experience I can confidently say these two are the best, Airtel and Etisalat now known as “9mobile” are still yards away from matching these two.

The battle has to come to an end one day, before that happens we have decided to take it upon our self to crown our own “king of telecomm” on this platform.

Only one can take the crown , For me airtel come third while 9mobile takes fourth. Let’s find out who comes on

top between these two giants on my list. Is it going to be “Rule your world” or “Everywhere you go”.


The criteria used for these comparison mtn vs glo includes Data service, Tariff plan, customer service and market strategy.

The clock is ticking we are just minutes away from finding out who takes the crown of “king of telecom in Nigeria”, let’s keep the drum rolling……..

Tariff plan of mtn vs glo

Mtn offers a host of tariff plans: Xtravalue, impulse, Beta Talk, and start pack are just few

plans offered, while Glo plans are namely Glo 11k/s plan, Glo jollific8, G- Bam and Glo flexi.

The best tariff plan from mtn remains ipulse, I would stand by this any day anytime. In terms of call rate and other benefits ipulse stands tall among the rest.

Ipulse is the most amazing candidate and best to compete with other tariff plans from other network, this comparison is going to be best vs best.

Glo 11k/s plan is my best pick from glo and the most suitable to compete with ipulse. So let’s get on with it.

Mtn Ipulse vs Glo 11k/s plan.

Mtn ipulse has one of the lowest call rate compared with other plans, with 11k/s to call all local networks after been charged 12k/s on your first 50s of call made everyday.

With ipulse you can make call for as low as #6.6 for one minute. The second reason why ipulse is on my list is the rare previledge it gives to only its subsribers,

if you are one of those who enjoy browsing during the cool breeze of the night, with pulse you get 500Mb for just #25 from12- 4am.

Glo 11k/s plan is similar to ipulse in terms of call rate but unlike pulse 11k/s is charged only

for calls to other Glo subscribers, to other networks or international location you are charged 15k/s.

This is only done after #5 has been deducted from your account balance for daily access.

While ipulse charges the same amount for all network ,Glo charges higher for calls to other network.

Pulse allows calls to local destination while glo 11k/s plan allows calls to both local and international location.

Winner: this is a close call, there is no clear winner in this category one stands tall where they each faulted. This is a Draw.

Data service of mtn vs glo

Glo is nicknamed “the grand masters of data”, anyway that doesn’t ultimately qualify them as the best, Let’s see if they beat mtn to it.

If you are a social media freak or online marketer like me you will agree that data service is one area to look out for.

True! Glo offers one of the cheapest data plans, with as low as #100 you can purchase a data bundle of 100mb valid for 7days.

If you want a cheap data plan, no doubt Glo takes the prize but what’s the essence of having data when you can’t use it for the purpose it should serve.

Mtn data bundles may come as expensive but they provide one of the best internet service you can ever bet on.

I have used both service therefore am in a better position to judge.
I was a long time subscriber to glo data service,

I must confess that I was swayed by their cheap price but after experiencing a lot of

network failure which drew my business back I had no choice than to try other means.

I had to switch to mtn, with just #1200 I can subscribe for 2Gb worth of data for 2 month.

Due to the nature of my work I usually exhaust it before the said date. Ever since I switched I can confess that mtn is way ahead of glo in this category.

There is no argument about this ……. Mtn is the clear Winner.
Customer service

Don’t be deceived by what these two say about their customer service on their misleading adverts,

in all honesty they both leave much to be desired, but one still has an edge over the other.

Nothing angers me more than to have my precious time wasted by this customer care representative,

not to mention that boring song that keeps playing before you are finally directed to the representative.

Glo is so guilty of this, mtn use to do so in the past but in recent years have actually outgrown this

You do not need to listen to that song anymore, within just few minutes of asking you will be directed to a customer care representative.

Apart from wasting my time, I have lodged several complaints about host of things especially on

by account balance being credited unnecessarily even without making calls or sending

SMS yet they failed to rectify this. I was frustrated to a point that I had to shove my Glo sim elsewhere.

Winner: MTN

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Market strategy

As at 2014, Glo had 27,327,646 users subscribed to its network, coming only second to mtn who had 56,516,759.

This figure is actually impressive from Globacom giving the amount of time it took them to achieve that.

You will testify that Globacom has one of the best market strategy with their adverts flooding many media houses.

TV, Newspapers and social media are just few places you will find their adverts.

With many endorsement deals given to celebs like Olamide, Phyno, kiss Daniel and their likes,

you will agree that Glo invests heavily in terms of advert compared to other network.

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Mtn captured the Telecom world with its advert which was anchored by famous comedian “saka” which

grabbed every bodies attention but after the heavy fine imposed on them by NNC, They have relented a bit. Glo still has to watch out though.

Winner: Glo
Now we have our winner, mtn leads in two category compared to Glo which leads in one. Mtn leads by only a small margin.

Now we have our “king of telecom” and the crown goes to Mtn, “Everywhere you go” Rocks. Check out the overall of MTN VS GLO below

Overall winner: Mtn

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How do you see MTN VS GLO?

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