In this article you will learn how to cope with puberty, puberty definition and puberty age.

Puberty is a phase change which occurs in the life of every young boy and girl. This natural change signifies that you are maturing into an adult.

Puberty changes includes emotional, physical and psychological.

These changes don’t notify you before it starts taking place, it comes unexpected and presents itself as a surprise.



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What is puberty? or what is puberty definition

Puberty is a developmental stage everyone must pass through, it comes naturally and therefore cannot be bypassed.

Puberty age: when puberty occur?

Puberty occurs earlier in girls than boys, in girls it normally occurs between the age of 8 – 14 while in boys it takes place between the age of 9 -14.

Puberty changes in girls

Puberty age


Puberty comes earlier in girls than boys, it takes place between the age of 8 – 14. The early stage of puberty is accompanied by external changes especially interns of physical appearance.

Changes you may observe at the above age in your body includes:

1. Your breast begins to develop, the left and right breast grows at different rate.

2. You experience rapid growth in areas such as your hands, face and leg which resulted in increased height.

3. Sexual development: Hair starts developing under the arm and in pubic regions.

In later stage, internal changes also takes place:

1. Your sexual organs as well as sex hormone oestrogen starts been secreted.

2. You observe whitish discharge coming out of your vagina.

3. Monthly menstrual flow commence.

Puberty Changes in Boys

Changes which takes place in boys are listed below:

1. External features like broad chest and shoulder becomes evident.

2. Hair develops in places like the armpit, arm , leg and pubic regions.

3. Sex organs and hormones begins to develop, The male sex hormone Testosterone begin its secretion.

4. In later stage facial hair and voice deepens.

Adjusting to these changes comes as a challenge to most people, individual begins to feel weird and uncomfortable.

Puberty forces young people to make changes to their lifestyle.

Coping with this may seem hard at times, which is why the following Tips were selected to help you adjust better.

Proper hygiene

Puberty brings wholesome changes to your body system, adjusting to these changes doesn’t come easy, your lifestyle as a whole is affected.

Even when you are uncomfortable with certain changes you just have to face it.

Maintaining a proper hygiene is very important, as your body changes the rate of metabolism rises , most times you get to sweat a lot causing dirt to cling to your body.

If you take your bath once, it is highly advisable you increase it to twice.

Failing to do this may increase the risk of getting body odour.

For the females, maintaining proper hygiene is even more important especially when your monthly flow commence.

Taking your bath at least twice a day isn’t an option, it is a “must”.

The female reproductive system is more exposed to infection compared to that of their male counterpart.

Take proper care of your undies, your pant and bras should be washed frequently, if you can’t go through the stress of washing everyday, take it as a principle not to repeat them.

Wearing the same bra everyday increases the risk of body odour, itching and in some Cases Cancer.

The white discharge coming out of your vagina may not permit you to sleep with the same pant. Most cases of “vaginal odour” is linked to this.

As puberty set in, the hair under your armpit and in your pubic region grows faster than it use to be the case, it grows at different rate in people.

Armpit hair isn’t something you will like to keep for long, apart from causing those areas to itch, it harbours dirt and also makes your armpit sweat a lot.

You don’t need to shave Everyday, once a week will do the magic.

A shaving stick will do justice to this, razor blades may result in cut if not carefully used.

Some people hate pubic hair that they shave everyday, but have it at the back of your mind that the more you shave, the thicker and faster they grow.

With all being said your nails and hair should not be left unkempt.

Change your wardrobe

It is worthy of mentioning, that puberty brings changes to your external appearance: Your shoulder, Breast and hip are some of the parts affected.

For the females, starting with a sport or crop bra will be best for you.

Your old clothing’s may not be too appealing anymore, change your wardrobe by getting new wears and undies that suit your new physique.

Wearing Bra at first may feel uncomfortable, Everyone had this feeling at first but guess what?, with time you feel so comfortable wearing it that you may not even feel complete without it.

Just wearing any bra won’t do, it is important you know the size that fits, it should neither be lose nor tight.

The right bra size is one that is comfortable and helps maintain the contour of your breast.

You won’t like to see your breast “fall” after few years.

Track your period

You wouldn’t like to go to school one day and return home with your uniform all drenched with menstrual blood.

This would be an embarrassing sight.

No one is comfortable moving around with red stains on their clothes.

Depending on the cycle you belong, either 21 or 30 days it is important you take note of the first day your first flow commence, this is the first day of your period.

To save you from future embarrassment, thick this day on your calendar and count 21 or 30 days from the first day to know when the next flow will arrive.

For beginners, the date is likely to change but the symptoms is another way of knowing that your period is on its way.

In most people their period is accompanied by symptoms like cramps, pain on the leg due to nerves contracting and waist pain.

If you feel this pain before the first day of your period, this will also help to identify when your period is approaching.

Sanitary pads like always are the best absorbent when in your period, tissues and Clothes are discouraged because of health issues.

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Change your pad every 8 hours in other not to contact vagina infection, never you use a pad for a whole day, apart from causing you to stink it causes infection as a result of harsh chemicals used on the pads.

That’s all for how to cope with puberty as a teenager and how do you rate this article?.


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