There are so many things you didn’t suppose to do menstruation period but you are doing it. Read on to discover them right here.

In our previous post “How to cope with puberty for teenagers “we learnt that in females, puberty brings about various changes in the body both internally and externally.

menstruation period

Normally between the ages of 11-14 the reproductive system of most females experience changes.

Menstruation period is the monthly shedding of the uterine lining of a female, resulting in blood and tissue existing through the vagina.

This menstruation period flow normally last for 5days, while in some cases extends to 7days.

Menstruation is a monthly occurrence in all females except during pregnancy, This extends to menopause.

Menstruation indicate that a female has reached the child bearing age.

For most females, this can be uncomfortable, it is accompanied with cramps, mood swings and many more.

A sanitary pad is the best way to keep the flow from messing up your clothes.

Clothes and tissue were used in the past But they do not absorb much like sanitary pad, not to mention the stress that comes from washing this clothes.

Sanitary pads leaves you clean and free from stain.

For most females especially teenagers, aren’t aware about certain practice that must be avoided, as well as those that are beneficial to they having a safe and pain-free period.

Take a Look At The Do’s And Don’t ‘s While IN Your menstruation period.


~Maintain proper hygiene.

Having a regular bath during your menstruation period isn’t an option, it is a “must “.

Take it upon yourself to bath at least twice a day, having blood dried up in your vagina cause itching and odor.

When changing your pad, it is highly recommended to wash your private part thoroughly.

Sanitary pads should be changed every 8 hours,using one sanitary pad throughout the day do not only cause you to stink, it is also dangerous to your internal genitals.

Chemicals use in this pad aren’t friendly to your internal genitalia, having them there for long exposes you to a risk of getting infected.

It is worthy to mention, that the female reproductive system is too delicate to be left ignored.

Many cases of UTI’s are attributed to lack of personal hygiene.

Lastly, even when using sanitary pads those with heavy flow have their pads soaked on time, this may result to their undies being stained, do pay attention to your undies you don’t want to go around smelling like “rotten fish “.

Wash your undies thoroughly with mild soap and warm water, due to the delicate nature of the female internal genitalia using heavy deodorants or Chemical substance with harsh ingredients are discouraged.

Many cases of ovarian cancer have been linked to this factors. Lukewarm water will do the magic.


After your hygiene, your diet is another area to consider taking a critical look on.

During your period the body is experiencing a lot of hormonal changes, as more bloods flows out of the body, the body becomes weak, making a case for replenishing.

Foods rich in iron such as proteins and vitamins especially vegetable are highly recommended.

Apart from lending a helping hand in replenishing lost nutrients, it helps to brighten your mood and keep you relax.

Foods like carbohydrates and fats aren’t the best options for you. Period cramps can leave you feeling exhausted, take a break and give yourself adequate rest.


Your period doesn’t mean you have to be boring, sitting in one spot all day doesn’t help, actually it makes you look sick, going for a walk or light exercise will do you lot of good.

If you stay in one spot, you can easily get irritated with others due to hormonal changes taking place.

You should not cut your self off because of your period, take time and mingle with your friends, this will ease the pain a little.


~Sugar Sweetened food’s like Chocolates, Coca Cola drink’s, candy and biscuits are just a few examples of snacks you should stay away from.

It is observed that women with heavy flow are prone to eating some of this snacks.

Excess sugar is not good for the body, it increases the risk of diabetes, obesity, weight gain and in rare cases cancer.

Sugar is a major factor which contribute to blood sugar level rising, when this happens your menstrual flow could be affected.

Apart from affecting your flow, sugar add nothing in terms of nutrient, staying away from them will do you are whole lot of good.

-Instead replace with fruits and vegetables

-Take Your Pads Off During The Night Wearing a pad to bed does not seat well with most people, you might get uncomfortable at times.

with most people embracing the idea of going to bed without undies, having a pad stuck to their skin is not something to be happy about.

As uncomfortable as this may sound, it is important you wear your pad to bed, like in the day, at night you still have the flow coming.

If you don’t want to go through the stress of washing your bed sheets or drenching your favorite pajamas in blood, I recommend you stuck the pad into you through the night, it is only for a few days after that you are free to go to bed whichever way you like.


Most people have their libido up during this period, sex is not advisable at all, it might be painful and leave you open to infection. dos and don'ts during your period

With all the pains and stress, staying away from this for just a few days will be a good option.

You need to take care of yourself and rest adequately. For most people it is a taboo because there is a high risk of contracting STI’S and blood-related diseases such as HIV if proper precaution is not taken.

Period sex could be very messy, coupled with mood swing and the thought of feeling dirty down there, sex during a period is not such a good option.

Some people believe that they can get pregnant during their period, this is not true and the misconception needs to be corrected as pregnancy can only occur during ovulation.

What on your mind concerning this article?, we are here to help you out with any questions.

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