Technology has witnessed a tremendous growth, Humans have been able to come up with impressive tech inventions to help improve

the quality of life and some of this tech inventions are still unknown to many people, that’s what we are here to discus today.

It is hard to imagine how we could have survived without phone, internet and other tech inventions.

Prior to technological discovery, the quality of life in the time of the ancient men was nothing to write home about.

The children born in this digital age have technology to thank for not going through the same ordeal the early men went through.

People born in the eighties and nineties will testify to the difference technology has made.

You think phones and automobiles are the best tech inventions ever?

If so then you are in for a big surprise. Tech have gone miles further than you think,

just when we think it was coming to an end, a new surprise always springs up. These humans always have something new up their sleeves.

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I present to you top nine tech intentions you didn’t know existed:

1. Spy-glass

Spy-glass is one to tech inventions you may not know or You’ve probably seen one of these

on Hollywood sci-fi movies, you are probably wondering if they are real or just make believe.

They actually do exist and you can also get one for yourself if you can afford the bill.

Spy glasses are super cool gadgets to have, it function far outweigh that of your normal fashion eye glass.

Apart from it cool appearance, this glass are made with in-built hidden camera which can take stunning pictures as well as record videos.

Spy glasses like foreshfish have a 500mm rechargeable battery which though small in size, can take you through three long hours of recording.

It also has an in-built micro SD card slot where you can fix your external card.

Files can be transferred to a computer through the USB port provided. Some versions of this spy glasses allows Audio recording.

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2. Air dock

Air dock is the latest charging technology worth having, it requires no clip, wire or charging cords.

This small piece of tech also automatically helps launch your music player and other apps present on your phone.

Air dock charges your phone through an induction current and is compatible with most Android phones.

Owing to it’s size it can be taken outdoor to places like office, restaurant, bar and many more.

3. Circret bracelet

Imagine that you can touch your skin and scroll through windows like you do on your smart phone. This technology is already in existence.

With circret bracelet your skin is your new screen touch, it features include Android OS,

phone screening mirror which is compatible with all smart phones and every skin colour.

This bracelet allows you to check weather, read mail and notification on social media.

The makers of this gadget are in collaboration with many top companies to launch this product soon.

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4. Solso Hat

Solso is the most common brand of solar hat built like a baseball hat and is powered by solar energy to charge your phone or tablet.

Solso is compatible with Android devices, iPads, iPhone or any device that can be connected with a USB port.

This gadget is 100% safe and Emmits no radiation that can cause damage to your brain.

It can be worn like a fashion hat, it’s design makes it quite handy and can be taken every where.

5. Micre Drone 3.0

We all have an idea about what drones can do, this isn’t new but the latest micro Drone 3.0 is the best of the lot.

Just a little bigger than a clinched fist, this small device is used in streaming videos from a very high altitude.

This device commands attention due to the quality of videos and pictures taken, it range of transmission is from 46m to 150m which is impressive.

It size allows it to travel at 45mph and features a HD camera of 720 pixel.

6. Flexible phone panel

This isn’t popular because of it flaws. iPhone are the latest to practice this technology

but received mass criticism because the phones were too thin and bend a lot when placed in back pocket.

Lenovo are the latest to work on this but hasn’t been released yet, unlike

the iPhone version, Lenovo are working on releasing the world’s first flexible phone.

The phone will be made out of a thin material called graphene which allows you to bend the phone panel as well as bend it around your wrist like a watch.

7. Photo capturing lens

You probably have seen one of this on “Nikita”, I was amazed by this that I decided to

make a research on it, you will be amazed to find out that this actually do exist.

If you are a fan of Nikita you will recall a scene where a spy took picture of some of the characters by simply blinking his eyes.

Well that cool lens actually exist and do work like you see in that movie.

The lens comes with an SD card that stores the images as they are taken, after which you can transfer the pictures into a computer.

This reduces the bulkiness of camera. With this small device you can capture loads of image by simply focusing on the object and blink.

This doesn’t mean every time you blink you take picture, there is actually an “on” button that sets the lens in actions


8. Transparent fridge

Most times you stand close to fridge reminiscing on what you want to take from it or

if what you are looking for is there, that is about to change because LG are working on a see through fridge.

This fridge allows you to see the content in it by simply knocking on the fridge.

The fridge displays a window which allows you to see it content without necessarily opening it.

9. Stephen Hawking’s speech synthesizer

Have you ever wondered how the late Stephen Hawking’s delivered a speech at Oxford despite

been confined to a wheel chair as a result of a disease that impaired his sense of talking as well as Walking?.

That superb device was created by Intel, it allows Stephen Hawking

to select words by twitching his chin after which the computer echoes the words in his voice.

The same device allows the genius to read his emails, chat on social media and go live on Skype, this really a great tech inventions.

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So tech inventions are game changer for our generation and more generations to come.

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