Many people enjoy using smartphone so much. We can use it for 24 hours without distraction.

It brings joy to us and is probably the best invention ever. You cannot deny it.

Smartphones have put this whole wide world in our hands. They made the world as portable as it can get.

Smartphones also act as a means of livelihood and income to some particular sets of people.

However, with the massive addiction to smartphones, there are still some silly mistakes we all make with them and those mistakes need to stop ASAP.

Some of these Smartphone mistakes

Here are some of those mistakes:

Ads-blocking: This is very common among internet browsers. People tend to turn on their ad blockers so they don’t get all these ads when they are surfing.

This is one of the most popular mistakes we all make when using smartphones.

Ads can be annoying but it doesn’t make them less important to us. Ads can change a life.

Most ads you see on websites and blogs are usually more informative than the website or page you are visiting.

Many students have gotten scholarships from ads they saw on educational blogs and many people have learnt something big because of these ads.

When you visit some blogs, you see some ads that will teach you how to make money online for free. So stop turning on ad blockers. You don’t know what you might be missing.

Live wallpapers: This feature can turn your Gionee battery into a Samsung battery.

Live wallpapers drain so much out of you battery and you can see your 50% go down in T minus 10 seconds.

Live wallpapers are just like mini videos which play over and over again on your phone.

They will kill your battery and may even damage the battery itself when charging.

Also, downloading live wallpapers from some sources can be very dangerous to your phone. They can contain viruses and affect your phone.

Neglecting google services: Of course, many of us do this. We feel those google services that come with android phones are useless but they are actually very useful to us.

Services like gmail, goggle map, hangout, google now and many others were not just embedded for fashion. They were embedded for good reasons and are very helpful.

Keeping all networks on: People are very fund of leaving their phone networks on. They turn on GPS, Bluetooth, data connection and Wi-Fi all at once and make the smartphone virus prone.

Also, these networks drain battery life o much that you may get tired of using the phone.

One or two networks are enough for you no matter how you are multitasking.

Charging over night: We are all guilty of this particular one. We leave our phones in the socket overnight to charge and we feel happy when it gets to 100% the next morning.

This is not advisable as it may cause harm to the phone battery and panel. If there is a sudden increase in voltage, the panel will get burnt immediately and will be costly to repair.

So charge your phones when you are awake in the night and remove them from the sockets before you go to bed.

Not using widgets: Like google services, people don’t also use their phone widgets and this is very bad.

Widgets are like life hacks. You can check the weather, foreign time and many others on the widget aspect of your menu.

Not customizing anything: This may not be a mistake but it is always better to customize your phone to your taste.

This way, it gives you more responsibility and ownership over the phone. You feel more attached to your phone than before and care more for it. It is human nature. You get attached to what you modify.

Bombarding apps on home screen: Stop this act if you do it. Keeping too much apps on your phone’s home screen is never a good idea.

Try to keep the few you need or hide them in a folder. Many installed apps can slow down the processor of the phone and keep it hanging.

Uninstall the apps you don’t need for the month and make your phone safe and light.

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