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Apple announced the release of three iPhones recently. With one initially scheduled to be released on 21st September.

samsung galaxy a7 (2018) review

With the competition between Apple’s iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9, it was only a matter of time before Samsung responded with their own piece.

It wasn’t going to be long, as Samsung Responded almost immediately by launching their own product; samsung galaxy a7 (2018),  a day before iPhone Xs release date.

It wasn’t the block booster we expect, neither is it an icing on the cake. The Galaxy A7 is supposed to be a response

to iPhone Xs or may be Samsung are planning something bigger than the A7 that may just blow all newly released iPhones away.

We’ve seen the A7 alot of times. But this 2018 version is quite different . It is the most improved of Samsung A Range phones.

With Samsung planning another Big release come October, Let’s take a look at what this mid-range phone has to offer.


samsung galaxy a7 (2018) review

Samsung galaxy a7 2018 review: Body design

Galaxy A7 is no doubt a low-cost phone but comes with premium body design. The phone comes with glass-metal body as seen in premium phones like Galaxy S9.

All four edges are curved to give a sleeker body design. The 2018 samsung A7 model comes with a longer screen. It may seem a gigantic piece given that it screen is 6.0 inches.

With Samsung, even the largest phone may still look pretty. The size isn’t worrisome anymore. The trim bezels gives it more touch of class.

Going deeper into the phone’s outlook, you will find the fingerprint by the home button.

In contrast to most phones whose fingerprint scanner is located at the rear.

The Rear of the Samsung Galaxy A7 also brings something new to the game.

And quite unique. Samsung are known for thinking out of the box. This smartphones only adds to their credibility.

The Galaxy A7 is officially the first smartphone to come with triple Rear Cameras.

In the camera section we will discuss about how this influence the quality of pictures. For now let’s move to the phone’s Display..


Just like Samsung ‘S’ series phones, the Galaxy A7 also comes with super-AMOLED infinity display.

Proving to be a trademark for Samsung. This days, it is hard to find a Samsung product without AMOLED.

The A7 comes with additional Full HD+ resolution to support the super-AMOLED display. the HD resolution is said to be 1080×2220 pixels.

This combined together, contributes to the powerful screen display observed on the phone. The contrast and brightness are spot-on for a phone of its price and calibre.

samsung galaxy a7

For a low cost phone, it is expected for some features to be dropped, with the A7 2018 that isn’t the case. It still follows the trend of Galaxy S9.


Unlike iPhones which are known to contain no external card slot, Samsung are quite different.

Even opposite. Most Samsung phones released over the years provides users the chance to expand the storage capacity up to 512GB.

The same goes for The Galaxy A7. It has been launched in three variants with key difference in each variants storage capacity.

The first variant comes with 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage, the second comes with 4GB RAM and 128GB worth of internal storage.

While the last sports a RAM capacity of 6GB and 128GB internal storage.
All storage variant is expected to cost more, the premium version will come with the highest bill.


As far as the Galaxy A7 (2018) is concerned, it comes with a battery life of 3,300mah. The same capacity the 2017 model came with.

It isn’t known whether this will address the fast-draining concern the 2017 model came with.

With improved features of samsung a7, this model is taunted to have a better life that supports it.

Samsung device are luckily not one to Lag behind when it comes to battery life. The Galaxy S9 battery was superb, even outstaging that of iphone X .

One other thing about the phone’s battery is that is non removable just like most Android phones. We have everything to hope this piece will come with better battery life.

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In terms of photography, the samsung A7 2018 comes with a triple rear camera assembled in a vertical format.

The first lens is a 24 mega-pixel with auto-focus sensor that comes with an aperture of f/1.7.

The second camera comes with 8 mega-pixel and ultra wide sensor with an aperture of f/2.4. the last camera is a mere 5 mega-pixel with an aperture of f/2.2 for fixed focus.


The front camera comes with a single 24 mega-pixel fixed focus camera for selfie. the front sensor has a wide aperture of f/2.0 to let in light during selfie.

The selfie camera apart from the aperture also comes with LED flashes and selfie focus.


Interms of security, the Galaxy A7 hasn’t joined the network of Face ID, it still uses touch sensors as it major form of security.

With this , you have a chance to register 5 different finger prints. The fingerprint scanner is located by the side, close to the home button.

The Galaxy A7 still uses the Android 8.0 which is the Oreo. It hasn’t upgraded to the pie yet.

The pie isn’t popular that popular either. Few devices have actually used it. So far, only the Google pixel 3 has fully tested this.


The a7 samsung price:

The price of the Galaxy A7 2018 is ₦106,500/$295.017 , it not cost as much as Samsung Galaxy S9.

During it’s launching in Malaysia, it was announced to be released come October 26th. Five days from iPhone XS official release date.


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