How to write Blog post that attract millions of traffics per month

Yes, you see the title well, you can definitely write a single blog post that would generate a millions of viewers, traffics per month.

I would teach you how to write Blog post that attract million traffics per month right here.

How to write Blog post that attract millions of traffics per month

The good news is that, not only one month, months after months.

This type of blog post is called evergreen post. It would generate a lot of share, comments and bookmark.

It would create a memory for your readers to return to your blog, to the extend some of them would be addicted to your blog, all because of your perfect blog posts.

Hey, interesting right?, wait a moment, don’t scroll up neither down until you answer this following questions before we could dive into the most relevant part of this post.

Do you have any idea that would be helpful to your target audience?

Can you write problem solving articles for your readers , how can you identify what your reader needs or battling with?

Before your blog post can grow viral it must be a solution to what your readers are battling with.

You can only do this when you know the right steps to take one after the other.

Hey, are you ready to learn?

Because am ready to share. Before your blog post can get millions of viewers, it must contain the following criterials.

Let’s begin……..

How to write Blog post that attract million of readers

1. Attractive headline:

Your headline is the first thing your readers would look at, if it is attract enough, readers would prefer your over others.

This type of headline is called catchy headline because immediately a reader sight it he/she must like to click it.

Because you did a perfect job in written the post header. Take a look at screenshot one of my post that pull me a lot traffics to my make money online blog.

blog post

2. Descriptions:

Description of your blog post is also play a high role in bringing traffics to your blog posts.

Even tho you don’t write description, the first 2-4 line of your introduction should be as the most tools of impression to derive people into read more.

blog post

3. Problem solving content:

Nearly every body online are looking for one thing or the other, non of them are there for fancy.

In every minutes people are facing one challenge or the other, so they are looking for right information/way to resolve

it amicably, if your blog post match with the problem or provide solution to the problem you win,

not only that, they may even share it on their social media handle. For instance now,

anybody who type how to create a website is looking for problem solving content that could help him/her out.

4. Attractive image:

Many people prefer visual than reading a thousand of words. A word saying ”a single image is better than thousand of words

The statement is very true because when i try to find out whether it is true or not. So I share a story on one of Facebook group with great audience. Please help us pin this image.

How to write Blog post that attract millions of traffics per month

The comment and like the Post got are very few. I turn that Same story to inforgraphic and share it to that same group, it almost 2 weeks people are still commenting, like and share as well.

Remember I use that same information it get stuck but when I change it to inforgraphic it turned to evergreen post.

You can try it and see your self. Some image even speak more than words and people love it so much.

Important of using photo/images in your blog post

How to write Blog post that attract millions of traffics per month

1. It help your readers to understand your information quickly as possible

2. It make your post look more attractive

3. It generate share( pin, save, tweet etc.)

4. It also have a little contribution to your Google ranking

5. Finally it make your post beautiful and fun.

Now, you’ve known the important of images in your blog post. What is your decision now?

5. Simple words:

This is a great thing to consider. It is terrible for someone reading your blog post and looking for dictionary at same time.

How to write Blog post that attract millions of traffics per month

Your blog post should be writing in simple words and tenses. I read one article online sometime ago, I can’t understood what the article is all about.

You know why?, Hell no right, I would tell don’t worry, the author compile the article with complex words.

And it made me never a day dream to smell that blog anymore. So in order to avoid that mess, I highly recommend you to use simple English that would be understood by everybody.

6. Use Italy/Bold: It’s important because it quickly show your readers that this section is special or relevant to them.

You’re free to use any of them at any point you feel it special for your readers.

7. Outline: Outline your article before writing it. I’m vividly know, you understand what I mean by outline your article before writing it.

To OUTLINE your blog post, is like a well draw map which lead you from one location to another. Which means it will guild you in your writing.

Listen to me carefully now!, Without you effectively outline your blog post before writing, it may not flow well.

What did this means?, It means that, each paragraph of your blog post should be leading your readers to another.

Ideally blog post should be well flow and leaking to each other. But the question is, how can you Outline your blog post?.

If you already known how, thank God for you. And if you don’t, no bother anymore I got your cover.

You can take a look at this image below 👇 , it is the outline of one of my blog post called top 10 Twitter marketing tips you haven’t had about.

how to outline blog post

You’re free to use that pattern, it work well for me and i’m sure it would work for you too.

Don’t forget to read the Twitter marketing tips. It would also help you when you successfully publish your article.

How to properly outline your blog post

To outline your blog post before writing is very important in Blog world because it would make your post to standout of the crowd.

People love well understandable contents, you see how I used to outline content above, it contains the following criterials:

  • Title
  • Introduction/hook
  • Headline 1
  • Headline 2
  • Headline 3…..
  • Conclusion
  • Call to action.

You can use conclusion and summary together. But remember conclusion and summary are partially difference.

~ conclusion is to bring your writing to an end in sensible manner/way. While

~ Summary is to list out the major points for further remembrance or understanding.

The reason I emphasis on this is that when writing a list post, you should go summary rather than just only conclusions.

you can take a look at this post to see the merit of what i’m saying. webmaster tools, that post also very helpful for all webmasters, you need to check it out.

Don’t forget your readers when compiling your blog post. The articles aren’t for you rather it’s for them.

So make your contents more helpful, easy to understand, and easy for them to apply your tips and tricks to their problem.

When you do all of this in the right ways, there’s no way your blog post would not get million traffics per month.

But take note; even tho you wrote the best contents, you still need to market it, if not it will not skyrocket as you may thought.

So you can read my digital marketing advice, it would help you to choose the right platforms and the right steps to explore your business.

Do you have a blog with so many quality articles, but not make any money?, Or making too little money?, That means I get good news for you.

I wrote a guild called 5 webmaster tools: For those who want to make 6 figure per month, you can’t afford to skip that content. It contains all you need to start making money online.

Which one of this tips are you missing in your articles? Or which other tips you think it could be include in this article?.

I definitely know you have something to say about this post, do feel free to leave a comment below 👇, we love to hear from you.


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