Do you want me to show you how to look beautiful without spending much money?

You probably spend a hefty lot of your income on make-up and beauty accessories.

What if I show you ways you can look 5× more beautiful than your makeup can ever give and the good side is: you don’t have to spend much.

With the price of a box of chocolate, you’re on your way to becoming as beautiful as Cleopatra or even more.

how to look beautiful

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Don’t get me wrong, I know the power of make-up, I can testify to it.

Make-up can give you a look you never imagined But the truth is; after you wash your make up off, you become a total stranger.

With every sprinkle of water on your face, that beautiful damsel you saw in the mirror earlier on, slowly fades away.

Make up is just a short fix but there is another way.

I have used this methods over and over again and it has proven to be more cost effective.

  I call it the “five secret hacks on how to look beautiful”.   If you aren’t patience, then I will advise you stop here because this method am about to show you is no quick fix. It takes some time for you to see changes. Consistency is the watch word here. 

Before we jump into the business of the day, let me remind you that been beautiful exceed your facial appearance.

Beauty they say lies in the eyes of the beholder but for me, beauty lies in the color of your teeth, the state of your hair, your body shape and your face.

My hacks will be showing you how to improve this areas mentioned to achieve an overall beautiful appearance and how to look beautiful like a princess that you really are.

Let’s get started…………….

How to look beautiful

How to look beautiful without spending much money

1. Exfoliate regularly

how to look beautiful

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Exfoliation is the life line to getting that sleek and beautiful skin you so much desire. If you’re looking for a method that works then exfoliation is key.

For some of you who don’t know what exfoliation is, permit me to explain in simple terms.

Exfoliation is the scrubbing of the top most layer of the skin to give way to smoother surface. That’s my own definition.

Exfoliation helps you scrub away dead cells from your skin as well as impurities and oil that clogs to your skin that results in pimples.

Exfoliation gives your skin a radiant look and allows new cells to degenerate. There are various ways to exfoliate.

Here are my three personal methods of exfoliating.


how to look beautiful

Get one teaspoon of sugar and add little honey. Mix together and gently rub over your face in a circular pattern.

Wash with Luke warm water and pat your face with clear towel.



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Lemon is one powerful ingredient I recommend for exfoliation. Apart from helping you scrub, it contains anti-oxidant and also helps lighten dark spot.

Lemon extract
Turmeric powder
Egg white

 Mix all ingredients together in a bowl and apply all over your face. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash off. Do this once or twice in a week to see results. 



Lemon is a very powerful cosmetic product the same applies to baking soda. A combination of these two super ingredients makes a powerful exfoliator.

Note:  some skin react to lemon, before using lemon, test in a layer of your skin and observe if there is any reaction. 

Don’t go out with lemon on your face. Always wash thoroughly before stepping out in the sun, as any traces of lemon can cause sun burn.

2. Exercise


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Beautiful girls aren’t lazy, this is one killer method if you really want to learn how to look beautiful.

Exercise regularly and thank me later. Remember I talked about your body shape earlier, exercise is the killer method of getting that sexy curves you desire.

An hour or two every day will help you burn fat as well as trim your muscles and give you a well-defined curves.

Here is how
20 rep of crunches
20 rep of squats
20 rep of bridges
10 rep of planks.
Hold each position for at least 60 seconds.

Crunches and squats are my favorite because they help you lift your butt and also work on your abs and core. Do this for one month without missing even a day.

3. Eat Natural foods

Natural foods

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Foods serve as nourishment to our body but it can harm you if not properly selected.

We have form the habit of eating junks and craps that are toxic to our body system.

Carbonated drinks, canned food, and processed foods aren’t good for our body.

Replace those junks with a plate of fruits and vegetables in between meals. Cucumber, apple and oranges contain nutrient that are beneficial to our body and also induce weight loss.

Secondly, eat balanced diet. Carbohydrates are cheaper but excess of it leads to obesity which may cause diabetes.

Proteins are your gateway to maintaining lean muscles and grooming a healthy body.

4. Invest in the right cosmetics products

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Foundations, body lotions, matte powder and lip sticks are every woman best friend.

These makes up our daily beauty routine. I have a few words for you: be careful with what you use.

Recent studies shows that hydroquinone a skin lightening agent used in most body lotions was found to be unfit for the skin. The same applies to kojic acid.

Despite this, most cosmetics product contain this ingredients and we unknowingly purchase without checking.

Before buying any cosmetics product, watch out for the key ingredients and also check if it matches your skin type.

Lastly, black is beautiful. No need bleaching your skin because you’re black. How do you want to look beautiful, if your skin is two shades of colors like roasted plantain.

5. Practice good grooming habit

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Your face may be the point of attraction but that doesn’t mean you should neglect your hair, teeth and body as a whole.

Take your bath regularly, make your hair on time and brush two times a day.
When in your menstrual period, make sure you take your bath at least two times every day.

Your undies should be washed and don’t use more than once before washing.
I haven’t seen a guy who is attracted to dirty ladies. Cleanliness is also seen as a part of your beauty.

You can apply all the make up in the whole world but if you stink, it comes to nothing.

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If you really want to know how to look beautiful, try this five hacks listed above, they’re powerful and also work well.

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