Do you want to live a healthy life?, Let’s start with your daily healthy habits.

Health is wealth. More often than normal, we ignore our health. Giving other things more attention.

The busyness of life has limited the way we pay attention to our health.
You leave for work early hours in the morning without taking breakfast or going for workout.

You return at late hours only to go straight to bed. Your week continues like this until you finally breakdown.

Only when we fall sick do we finally feel like paying attention to our health.
Our actions becomes a part of our daily routine.

An action you put into practice every day becomes a habit. Good actions translates to good habit and the other becomes a bad habit.

A healthy lifestyle starts by practicing daily healthy habits. But the question is: what kinds of activities should you practice?

What kind of healthy habit should you develop?, Simple question that requires well-thought answer.

Not to worry, here are four healthy habits you should develop to live a healthy life.

Here’re 6 Healthy Habits You Should Develop

1. Drink a glass of water every morning

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Drinking a glass of water right after you rise from bed, is a good way to keep the body re-hydrated.

After long hours of water fast, water is needed to keep your body functioning well.

When we sleep, our rate of metabolism slows down, toxins builds up and your brain responds slower than normal. A person is said to be half-dead when they sleep.

Water is that killer ingredient to fire your metabolism up. Is like reloading your gun after exhausting your bullets.

Before you take a glass of water, you may want to brush your teeth as bacteria’s might have built up in your oral cavity through the night.

It is not yet affirmed how many glasses you should take, but one or two glasses will do to keep your bowel moving and aid digestion.

That’s not all, supplementing water with lemon helps fire digestion by three folds.

Adding lemon juice to warm water every morning helps the body maintain its PH level and also supply essential minerals.

Lemon is a super-agent that promotes weight loss. A glass of lemon water before you set off for work, helps your body function

well throughout the day and maintain body weight by increasing digestion and metabolic rate.

2. Exercise regularly

Exercise regularly

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Exercise is one healthy habit you just can’t ignore. Sorry if you thought I was going to skip it.

The truth is that exercise performs a lot of magic in the body.
Am a keen fan of regular exercise.

I must confess I didn’t take exercising serious at first. I wasn’t consistent with it.

I would do my work out together and leave it till the next two weeks before doing another session.

Until I decided to change that. The moment I did, my health took a better turn. I observed that I became smarter, worked harder and my memory increased.

I developed this killer abs, I can’t help but admire. This is what exercise can do.

Am not saying you should do it every day but you can form an exercise routine.

Three times every week and minimum of one hour every session. I can go on and on listing the benefits of regular exercise but the point is you feel better in your skin when you exercise.

The way to achieving that model-like body is through regular exercise. Your abs, core, and other muscles are toned to a point even your posture improves.

If you aren’t use to it, you may find it hard at first. It is completely normal to feel pain in some parts during your first day of workout.

That shouldn’t discourage you. Practice every day till it becomes a habit.

3. Regular medical check-up

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We all are guilty of this, I am too, no doubt. We are so caught in the race of life that we forget to attend to our health.

Will you be at work if you fall sick?
Absolutely no.

When your laptop shows a sign of problem, you quickly run around to get it fixed. When any program becomes out of date, you update it.
Isn’t it?

What do you do when malaria updates itself in your body?
What do you do when your body sends you signals through headaches?

Let me guess, you simply ignore, hoping that the pain will go on its own.
Let me ask you a question.

When the program on your laptop became outdated, did it update itself?
When your laptop went down on its own, did it come-on on its own?

If your answer is no, then why do you pay less attention to your health.
Most times,

before we fall sick, our body sends some signals which we ignore. Diseases slowly builds up in our body until it degenerates to something we can’t control.


A small cut on your finger can degenerate to something big if not properly taken care of. Form the habit of visit the hospital for check up every month.

You may not know what’s wrong with your body, checkups help you detect impending problems and you get a solution before it springs out of control.

4. Practice 8-hours night sleep

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Most health conditions have been linked to stress which results from lack of sleep.

Due to our busy lifestyle, we find it hard giving our body enough rest. Is like putting an engine to work all day without resting it.

It only takes a matter of time before the fuel gets exhausted. The same applies to your body.

Experts advise that we should practice the habit of giving our body 8 hours of sleep at night.

This allows the body to get enough rest and gets you to your best the next morning. When you sleep, the body doesn’t just rest, but also re-organize its activities.

8 hour sleeping

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Sleep increases the flow of blood around the body system and it organs. Research shows that regular sleep slows the blood pressure and reduces the risk of hypertension.

Action takes time to translate to habit. Do it every day and it becomes a part of you. If you want to live a health life, invest more time in healthy habits.

Some people find it difficult to sleep for this kind of hours, if that be your case, you need to find a solutions to that in other to live a healthy lifestyle. This follow products can help you out.

~Nature sleepNature Sleep by Vita Balance is a special blend of natural ingredients, which are designed to calm the brain activities and aid in falling and staying asleep.

Nature Sleep consists of magnesium citrate and extracts from fruit and herbs that help to induce melatonin production.

Magnesium vitrate and melatonin are clinically proven to aid with restlessness, decrease chronic pain, and reduce anxiety.

Check the product package below or visit their website for more information and tips

5. Quit Smoking

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If you smooth, you have to quit. If your aim is to live a healthy lifestyle.

Why you should quit smoking?

You should quit smoking because it harms nearly all organs of your body.

Smokers stand a high risk of lungs cancer. Quitting smoking can reduce your health problem.

They earlier you quit, the earlier the better

6. Reduce eating junk foods

Junkie foods

This is the most important healthy habits you should develop. Many people run after junk foods without knowing that it harms their healths.

Junkie foods is a low nutrition foods which add little value to your body system.

If you have any tips on healthy habits, questions or contribution comments blow. We always love to hear your thoughts.


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