Are you looking for top actionable sex tips you can implement to enhance your sex lifestyle? Do you want to be the real man in the bedroom? Or real woman in the bedroom?

Are you looking for a way to become a better dancer in the bedroom?, You know that thing is kind of dancing, Do I lie? Whatever we aren’t here for an argument.

If your answer to all those questions above are YES, then I got you covered.

Whether you’re new to sex or an expert, there’re a lot for you to learn and discover here, so don’t go anywhere stay tuned

NOTE:  Every sex tips and advice I’m going to share with you in this article is the result of my vividly researched and experience. So it works like crazy. If you know you can’t take action, don’t waste my precious time and exit this page amicably. 

Hey!, Do you want to become a better partner?, If YES then let’s begin…………..

What is sex tips?

Sex tips simply means top notch sex advice. Ranging from romance to sexual intercourse.

Sex intercourse is the process of climbing or she climbing you to have fun. It is the process of inserting dick into vagina.

Is it a fun right?, It’s one of the sweetest thing in the world, almost everybody love doing it. I love doing it and you too love doing it that’s why you’re here.

If you can continue reading this article till end congratulations, you have better your sex lifestyle.

To 17 sex tips to enhance your sex lifestyle

1. Get a partner: This is not really a sex tip but it is because a lot of people out there don’t know how to approach a lady/man, I was once a victim of it and I know how painful it’s.

sex partner

Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

You will hear them i don’t have time for woman or man. Don’t mind them most of them are masturbator. so it very advice-able to get a partner to enjoy natural vagina/penis.

How to start when your sex partner is with you

If you’re the shy type or fearful type good news for you. Here’re three important steps for you to get started.

2. Kiss: This is the easiest way to get started. Immediately you romantically kiss your sex partner, it would activate his/her sex appetite.

When the appetite is activating, guess what next the disco.


Image by Omar Medina Films from Pixabay

3. Romance: By rubbing him or her gently, smoothly and stretching your hand to front and back, you’re giving him/her sexual heat that she/he can’t withstand.


The next thing that could happen, she grab your banner and start linking.

4. Discuss about sex: Discussing about sex is the most popular sex tips out there, why because it really work and worthy mention.

discuss about sex

By discussing about sex with your partner, it would increase the mood between you and her. When you and your sex partner are shying type, it would be difficult to make love to each other.

Especially when you both meet for the first time, if care not taking nothing would happen until you both leave each other. That’s why discussing about sex is very important.

sex tips

How to turn un-addicted sex partner to be addicted

When you love sex more than your partner it can course a drastic issue between you guys.

Many couple has fought because they denied each other sex. If you’ve un-addicted sex partner, don’t quarrel him/her.

quarrel couple

This sex tip would solve the issue amicably, if they’re implement effectively. Below are tips for you to work on.

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5. Text message: This principle work like charm. If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife who doesn’t like to have sex regularly and you do.

This is a way you can make him/her to have sex with you happily each time you want until she/he become addicted.

Text message, email, and social media chatting are very powerful to put your partner in the mood without open your mouth.

One hour to the time you want to have sex, text him/her an irresistible romantic message or email.

Instance of the message:  If you had sex with him/her before you should write the message by start to appreciate him/her about the last time you guys had sex and go further to let him/her know you enjoyed it. After that let him/her know your present felling. I enjoyed the last time and i wish we could do it today again, LOVE you so much, you’re the sweetest. 

Shall!, you know the kind of message that can work for you better, try this trick it really work.

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6. Sexy stirring and smile: This a great way to express your feeling to your partner without alter a word. It work like charm and it’s the easiest way to grab attention of your partner.


7. watch sex movies: This already explain itself. By watching sex movies together put you guys in the mood for the serious dance to begin.



8. Wear sexy clothes: This work great for woman, the more you look more sexy the more you get attention of your partner. There’s a word saying “ a man can easily convince by seen and woman by hearing” it’s totally true. 

Like me, i can’t withstand it, the more i see her, the more my jack would keep on rising. But don’t wear it in the present of other people or your kids.

how to look beautiful

9. Become a real companion: Companionship is a high prolific tack to turn your un-addicted sex partner to be addicted.

Many people haven’t consider companionship as sex tip but i think it should be number one sex advice to be consider.

By helping him/her in everything she is doing, it would make it difficult for your partner to say no when you request for sex.

Be with your partner when he/she need you it develop another mind-set in un-addicted half. So try to adapt companionship with your half.

This is all about how to turn your un-addicted partner to be addicted. let’s move to another important sex tips.

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10. Shave: Some people don’t like to shave. They can never have time to shave their private part hair which is very bad.

Actionable sex tips for all sex lover

One of my friend told me some time ago that the only reason he left her girl friend was that anytime they had sex, his dick must injured. And i ask him why?, he say it’s like since she was born she haven’t shave.

Shuh!, Do you ask her to shave it?, yes i did but she didn’t and i can’t continue to injure myself for the shake of love making.

That’s why i put off the relationship. It’s very encouraging for both partner to shave regularly in other to avoid horror sex experience.

In case you’re looking for a way to look more beautiful without spending much money, then read this post assap

11. Take bath before having sex: This is my most favorite sex advice, it’s advice-able to take bath before having sex. Many are victim of this so from today don’t be victim anymore.

Take bath

 Let’s take a look at advantage of taking bath before having sex:

To avoid unnecessary smelling:  I don’t like smelling person and i’m sure you too. Nobody like stinking person

In fact nobody likes stinking partner. I experienced this, some years back I took a lady home and immediately she off her clothes

she smelled like I put stinker in the room. Since then I avoid her and her love till today

– It settle down your body system for sex and many other more benefits.

By the time you bathed before sex, you’d enjoy it more why because you wouldn’t feel heat neither ejaculate on time.

Which would enhance your sex performance and experience.

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12. Brush your teeth: This would give you complete toxic odor free. You can open your mouth without care and also enhance your kissing and oral sex.

If your mouth smell nobody would like to kiss you. so try to brush, if you haven’t eat like 4-5 hour before having sex.

sex tips

13. Prepare for sex: It’s good to prepare for sending because it would increase your appetite and energy to perform well or to satisfied your partner.

sex tips

14. Give a blow job: If you performance incredible, your partner would be happy. Give him/her a blow job by focus on her at the moment you’re doing it.

Let your mind, heart and all your attention should be on the work, so that you can give your partner the best sex experience.

When you do this to your lover, he/she would never think of any person other than you.

15. Try difference positions: For you to give your partner unforgettable sex experience, you have to try difference sex positions.

The reason you should try difference sex positions is to know where you get more energy to perform incredible.

Here’re images of some positions you should try: Check the original site we took these images below from, for more sex positions

sex positions

16. Try to enhance your performance: When you continue the same performance all the time your partner would get frustrated.

Try to improve your performance every day by day. If you can’t find a way to to improve your sex lifestyle, then these are list of supplements below that can help you boost your sex lifestyle to 99.9%.

Top 10 sex supplements that would help you boost your sex lifestyle 99.9%.

1. Vimax:  Scientifically designed, 100% natural pills providing consumers with penis enlargement (length and width) as well as longer erections and more intense orgasms.

2.  Jes-Extender: In 1994 Jes-Extender developed and patented the first penis extender and have been producing high quality penis extenders ever since.

They have become a worldwide recognized brand and have sold over 500,000 units globally with their success coming from their traction enlargement method causing tissue cells to replicate natural cell growth.

3. MaleExtra: Male Extra is one of the leading male enhancement products on the market. It’s powerful blend of clinically backed, natural ingredients increase blood flow to the penis, giving users bigger, harder, longer-lasting erections and more intense orgasms.


17. Feedback: Feedback is the most important instrument for improvement. You may not satisfied your partner but she/he may not be able to tell you.

So you need to ask her, are you okay? Even if she said yes and she didn’t mean it, her reaction would let you know that she haven’t satisfy..

I ask some girls and they said if you’re having sex with your partner and she haven’t say thank you then she haven’t satisfied.

Accord to the lady must give you complement if not she is yet to be satisfied. This is a great sex tips I have ever had from ladies.

She told me to take feedback seriously if I really want to satisfied or make my partner happy.


The question now is, is it good to ask your partner whether he/she is satisfied?, Leave your answer at the comment section below 👇👇

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