Do you know that makeup do you harm than do you good?

Almost 90% of women nowadays involved in Makeup in one way or the other and 70% are makeup addicted.

85% of these women are ignorant of negative impact of Makeup.

If you’re one of the 85% woman continue reading this article asap!

Because I would share with you why makeup isn’t the best way to look beautiful and some side effects of Makeup.

Are you ready to discover? Or are you ready to learn?, For me I’m ready to share, let’s begin………

ways to look beautiful

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4. Reasons makeup isn’t the best way to look beautiful

Note: All of these reason below are outcome of my discussion with some guys. I did a quick search to know how honesty guys feel about makeup.

By asking them, which one do you prefer and why?, A lady with makeup or a lady without makeup.

Here’re top 5 incredible answers, I selected from the quick interviewed.

➡ Mr. Chris: I love a lady with makeup she look more beautiful, sexy and finally she show her class.

I asked; What do you mean by her class? And he replied she is a modern woman. Mr Chris has no problems with makeup ladies as other men do.

➡ Amos: I don’t like immediate beauty. I love natural beauty so much, they’re beautiful.

Whether morning or night, the beauty is still there. But the makeup ones, their beauty are temporal.

The person you saw in the morning may become another person in the evening.

Not to say that I don’t like them, I do but I don’t value them much.

➡ Ola: I love makeup ladies but in search for marriage, I would go for the one without makeup, why?

Because if you truly find any beautiful lady without makeup, the beauty is everlasting.

Those with makeup they’re beautiful also but it’s a washable beauty.

➡ Aadu: I do prefer a woman without makeup but I also like the makeup ones.

The difference is that, I value any girls whose not involve in makeup in this modern world.

They show their worth and respect.

➡ Ngbede: These are the factors I consider to admire a girl or label her as beautiful girl:

  • Her shape, stature and cleanness
  • Hair and smoothness of her body.

As you can see my requirements is huge right? So it beyond painted of face aka makeup.

I also feel save around a non make-up lady than the one who normally go out with a heavy makeup.

Men always disturbing them than opposite ones.

That are the top outcomes of the interviewed, many prefer the makeup ones but no better backup.

Individuals difference so everyone with his own choice.

The five reasons makeup isn’t the best way to look beautiful, we will draw the reasons from the outcome of the interview above.

Reason 1.

It is an immediate beauty: Make-up would definitely make you look beautiful, but it is an immediate beauty.

If you read the 2-5 of the outcomes of the quick interview i did, you will definitely know that a heavy makeup is a problem.

According to Zanaeb Ali in her article how to look beautiful without spending much money before she started sharing her incredible beauty tips.

She introduced her article by saying “Don’t get me wrong, I Know the power of make-up, I can testify to it.

Make-up can give you a look you never imagined but the truth is; after you wash your makeup off, you become a total stranger.

With every sprinkle of water on your face, that beautiful damsel you saw in the mirror earlier on slowly fades away.

Make-up is just a short fix but there is another way. After that, she started sharing her beauty tips.

With this her view, it means that, she is totally agree with Amos that says; it’s immediate beauty.

It’s encouraging to practice natural way to look more beautiful if you want a long term beauty.

In case you may not know any natural ways you can practice, then read Zanaeb content above it will help you.

Reason 2.

It’s a washable beauty: Even Ali agree to this. She she says that immediately you wash your makeup off, the beauty damsel you saw in the mirror earlier on fades away and you become a total stranger.

Ola on his own opinion says; if you can truly find a beautiful woman without a heavy makeup then, the beauty is everlasting and those with a heavy makeup they’re beautiful too but it’s a washable beauty.

This is amazing right? Let’s consider another reason make up isn’t the best way to look beautiful.

Reason 3.

It can’t smooth your face: Make-up can’t smooth your face rather it cause wrinkles or other skin problem.

I asked a lady some-years ago, why do you love heavy makeup so much? She replied;

As you can see, my face isn’t that smooth so I used it to prevent people to notice it easily. Wow!, Really? Yes it is.

But why not use natural way like Exfoliation to cure it permanently?

She asked: what is Exfoliation?

According to Zanaeb Ali Exfoliation is the process of scrubbing off the top most layer of skin to give way to smooth surface.

Exfoliation helps you scrub away death cells from your skin as well as impurities and oil that clogs to your skin that result in pimples.

How can I do it?

You can read Zanaeb’s post how to look beautiful she share her three best methods there.

2 weeks later, she called me and says thank you for giving me my desirable look.

If Exfoliation can work for her, it can work for you too.

Avoid spending unnecessary money on products that can’t smooth your skin or give you last long stunning look and go natural ways.

Reason 4.

It can’t shape your body: Beauty they said lies in the face of the beholder but for me, it lies on the color of your teeth, the state of your hair, body shape and your face of course.

Make-up can make your face beautiful but what of your body and hair?

You need to involve in exercise daily in order to maintain good shape.

Remember one of my interviewee above talk about shape earlier.

Exercise is the killer method of getting that sexy curves you desire.

An hour or two hours of exercise everyday will help you burn fact as well as trim your muscles and give you a well define curves.

Your face may be the major point of attraction but that doesn’t mean you should neglecting your teeth, hair, and your entire body.

Here you have them, the reasons make-up isn’t the best way to look beautiful. Let’s take a look at some negative impact of Makeup.

Side effects of Makeup

As I said earlier in the article, make-up cause a lot of harm but many women didn’t know the this. Here’re some negative effects of Makeup below;

1. Skin allergies: Chemicals like salicylate which includes in cosmetics can cause an outbreak of painful rashes or hives if you have sensitive skin.

2. Skin discoloration: Cosmetics products like moisturizers, toners, sunscreens and cream contain agent bleacher, some of these contain some ingredients that can lead to skin discoloration or wrinkles.

Make-up also cause headache, cancel, lungs disease, infertility, hair problem, acne and dark circles on your eyes etc.


Make-up can give you a stunning look you desired but it ideally to practice natural ways to look beautiful.

By implementing natural ways, it would help you avoid the risk of Makeup, or help you look younger and fits.

If you don’t know any natural ways to practice, Zanaeb Ali post, how to look beautiful, will help you.

Thank you for reading this post to this extend. Life is short, live everyday as the best version of your life and stay strong.

Your opinion is highly welcome, leave a comment below

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