Samsung galaxy fold, what is actually causing the screen to break? So we are back for galaxy fold talk because that is kind of what people care about right now.

It is the hot topic for good reasons and bad reasons. The thing about fold is it has got attention for everything and very few people have been using it and of course we have to interpret these stories that are coming out and they are coming out fast and all of a sudden.

The screen protector (Samsung galaxy fold)

Now we have had a little bit more time to take a peek at it so it turns out that the majority of breakages were a consequence of the removal of this screen protector like material on the inside of the unfolded display and the whole screen feels like a screen protector.

I mean if you put one on your glass phone, that is what it looks like, that is what it feels like.

At what point Samsung is responsible for consumer negligence? That is the big question and it also apply Samsung galaxy fold.

I think that you should not do that obviously but they probably should let you know like “hey, definitely do not do that”.

I looked into a particular piece a little bit more and it turns out that the review units that went out did not have the warning.

I went back looked at the tweets and it was clearly not over there. The cause of this was that the warning was not prevent over the phone or the box saying that you should not mess things up with the protective layer on the screen.

That is just not a screen guard.

This could be a review unit versus retail thing because an image came out on internet and was uploaded by at mobile employee so I believe this was a retail unit and I think that the warning will be with the retail units.

Unfortunately it was not with the retail units nonetheless this is the reality we are living in, the most exciting tech product as far as anyone’s concern in the recent memory is met with this controversy and it is not the stories of the peeling screen that are most interesting to me.

But in one case a bump inside of the galaxy fold’s screen and this is where it all got worse. In addition to this you have many options in mobile phone with this configuration using Croma Offers with great offers.

What might have occurred to create the bulge in the screen?

This one is different, where we are kind of left of to imagine what might have occurred to create this bulge, this bump inside of the Galaxy fold that the verge was using and reviewing.

We are talking about Deter’s galaxy fold because I do not get this but this might have been the original story but the story broke around this particular one right here.

I looked at this image in the last one and I just assumed it was a piece of dust but of course we come to find further inspection reading through the article that it is actually something else.

When I saw this I was like this is just another busted fold and I thought this might have been results of the removal of removal of the protective layer that we are supposed to remove and then

I went thought the article again and I found the statement that most of the people might have missed, as I did stating that they put some kind of clay on the back of the phone to prop it up for a video shoot as they do it for every device that comes up to them.

So a molding clay specialist can mess this thing up so why can’t you? I mean if something comes in the way of the fold, it is going to mess it up.

Being a sensitive phone, you will have to carry this around in a special case or something. Phones do not stand on their own.

They fall, they flop, and they are not going to do the work themselves.

Everyone is overreacting (Samsung galaxy fold)

So the removal of the protective layer was a mistake that no one could expect because when you get yourself a new phone you just go ahead and remove the screen guard but these reviewers had no idea that that was not just a screen guard and people started to overreact on this smacking the fold back to the ground.

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And on the other side, that bulge on the screen was not caused by some internal mechanism of the phone if someone looks into that article carefully,

They admitted themselves that they put some clay material to prop the phone up so the phone is just doing fine if you do mess things up intentionally but you will have to be careful carrying fold around..

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