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When you are recruited for a job or you are filling a credit application in any financial institution, postal address, credit-card history is viewed as more immutable facts.

Identities are very complex and getting to know someone takes effort and time.

Online profits are not only shaped on facts but it is also based on technology and right security decisions at the right time.

Whatever the vision of the company is digital transformation is crucial and the pace is exponential.

Digitally transformed business have more opportunities to secure data insights, create more innovation in the workforce, new ways to engage with customers and many other benefits.

By 2022, spending on recent technologies and digital transformation will increase and reach $2 trillion according to recent studies.

Various companies worldwide are taking digital transformation seriously and transforming their business by spending 10% of total revenue in this technology.

This shows us the pace of digital transformation, its recognition worldwide and long-term investment for the business.

75% of hardware and services sold last year were for digital transformation in the IT industry.

IT strategies are fundamental for business growth, whatever the vision is without strong IT infrastructure a business can’t withstand, grow and compete effectively.

The need for IT infrastructure is paramount for a business to compete with others in the era of technology.

Higher expectations, more connected devices and more business applications are challenges for a business to spend more amount and it is also challenging for CIO to work at the same pace with revolutionizing technology.

Their reflection must be innovative instead of traditional technology management to make the business ready for the future. 3 reasons why digital transformation is essential are enlisted below.


The 3 Reasons that Shows why Digital Transformation is Crucial

1. Rising on-demand

Every customer who is interacting or associated with any business requires comfort and less load of work.

This is challenging for businesses because customers expect the same kind of experience that they had while using technology.

They require more choices with fewer obstacles including how to buy, deliver and how to interact with a particular business.

Today’s customer chatting and forwarding their query to artificial intelligence based chatbots instead of humans, this makes them feel more secure and reliable.

Without providing customer’s demand and fulfilling his/her desires, a business can’t stand a chance.

This is why organizations are demanding agile network and hybrid IT services and providing the right business experience to their customer.

By providing all these IT teams are in immense need of tools that are more reliable and robust in work, otherwise providing good experience will slow down the entire process.

If an business is online that identity solutions that allow online KYC compliance should be on the fingertips of employees to detect and deter fraudulent customers.

But while providing enterprise-grade security, it should not compromise the customer-level experience and performance of the system.

2. Employee effectiveness

If an organization is seeking huge productivity of employees, digital transformation can assist in this regards.

Digital technology can improve productivity by providing new and effective ways for employees in their primary roles.

For HR and finance, digital transformation provides a worthwhile opportunity for core functions to automate key areas and move away from manual processes such as payroll.

Digital transformation enables leaders to look forward to newer opportunities. In digital transformation, every department is associated with other department and no department of an organization can work on its own.

An employee can achieve more productivity by access to technology and services on demand.

Networking department can boost more employee productivity by providing a remote working environment that enables the employee to achieve more.

3. Top business priority

Keeping data safe while placing it at the edge of the networks is the biggest headache for many IT leaders.

This requires rigorous enforcement around data compliance, customer/employee access and securing network from attacks that is a quite complex task.

If your network is underperforming and providing flexibility to users for any reason than your stringent security measures are useless.

Security strategy should be implemented across the network, data and applications for progressive businesses regardless for what services it is being used.

Technology and business partners should be capable of understanding broader business objectives and employees who work honestly to achieve goals. For More Details Please Visit: Shuftipro.com

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