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Do you really want to know what is email marketing? If so, you’re in the right place because here’s the definition of email marketing and an in-depth explanation of it.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is the process of uses of email to promote products and services to your prospects.

Email marketing is a branch of online marketing that surpasses other digital marketing platforms.

It’s a high convert digital marketing tactic of sending emails to leads and customers.

The aim of the email ad is to convert leads to customers and turn one-time buyers to regular buyers.

If you truly want to venture into email advertising then, you need free email marketing software like constant contact to automate the process.

Why you should start email marketing for your business now?

Despite the popularity of social media, email marketing still remains the best marketing channel to generate leads and sales.

There are many reasons you should start email marketing for your business or clients but we’ll only consider a few which are the most important.

So let’s begin…….

1. It is cheap: Email is an inexpensive way to promote your business and it products or services compare to other marketing platforms.

With just $20/month, you can acquire constant contact and market your products or services to unlimited customers without any hassle.

Help grow your audience with Constant Contact email marketingEmail marketing is not like Facebook ads that if you want to create a Facebook ad that actually converts, then you need to spend at least $1,000 above per month.

2. It is easy to manage: Email ads are extremely easy to set up, send, create a marketing campaign, and track the campaign performed.

But some email marketing software is hard to setup.

So, if you truly want to start email marketing then you need easy to use email marketing software like constant contact.

3. It is the best communication channel: Email remains the #1 communication platform for business owners and their clients.

Customers take their email serious than their other social media handles.

What makes email more effective is that your message is directly to your prospects and customer’s inbox.

4. You can sell to a single customer more than one time: If you have a customer emails, you can sell to them more than one-time by sending them other related products or services they purchased from you.

That is how sweet email advertising is.

5. It drives more sales: Drive more sales in less time by setting up an autoresponder, it’s also known as email marketing automation, which will keep your audience engaged and build strong customer relationships.

6. Higher ROI: According to the Data & Marketing Association, every $1 spent on email advertising is expected to return $32 in revenue.

Therefore, email ads is worth investing in as it brings increased sales and conversions to a business. It is an effective strategy for every phase of the buying process.

Important of email marketing

Email marketing has a lot of benefits. It’s my best type of online marketing of all time. So, let take a look at some merit of email marketing.

  1. It increases sales by 97%
  2. It develop strong customer relationships and loyalty between marketers and customers
  3. It increases customer retention
  4. It makes communication easy between marketer and customers
  5. It enhances customer services
  6. It generates more income than other online marketing channels.

There you have what is email marketing and its benefits.

Before you can conduct proper and productive email advertising, you need email ads software and here are my recommends software;

Every business owners and marketers need to incorporate email advertising as one of their compulsion marketing platform.

Your own opinion is needed, what is email marketing?

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