When Google brought notifications to Android’s lock screen, it had been a game changer. Instant access to excellent and relevant knowledge is one among the items that create smartphones thus current and clutch in our lives. so today lesson is how to hide text messages on Android phones

However once that knowledge is personal, you don’t need it exposure on your lock screen for anyone to look over and see. As luck would have it, Google baked in an exceeding thanks to hiding this type of content.

Essentially, rather than showing the full notification on the lock screen, this setting can allow you to confirm the app solely it’s from–the content of the message or information are going to be hidden till you unlock the phone, as seen within the picture on top of.

How to hide text messages on Android phones easily

There area unit some exceptions–it won’t protect the content of a weather notification, for example–but most things, like email, SMS, and alternative notifications, can have their contents hidden.

How to hide text messages on Android phones

 Image by William Iven from Pixabay

How notifications look on your humanoid lock screen

The warnings shown on your humanoid smartphone’s lock screen ought to look like those within the screenshot below. They’ll display contents from the apps that pushed them and, though a number of that content won’t reveal legion info, a number of it may be personal or sensitive.

Even if the smartphone is barred, the notifications area unit still is shown and may be viewed by anyone gazing your humanoid smartphone. If you do not need that, here’s a way to hide the content of bound or all notifications in Android:

Open the notifications settings in humanoid

Start by unlocking your humanoid smartphone and gap its Settings screen. A fast thanks to working this appears to tug two thumbs on each smartphone’s screen, from best to bottom, and so cold on the gear icon from the drawer.

The Face-Down Phone Maneuver (hide text messages)

This is the oldest, simplest trick within the book: merely flip your phone over, so nobody will see what is stoning up in your notifications. The downside is that it isn’t precisely subtle; doing thus generally raises suspicion among your companions regarding what you are attempting to cover. What is more, you will not be able to see the notifications, that defeats the aim.

Stealth Texting No Sound

If you don’t need anyone knowing that you are obtaining a text within the 1st place, you’ll be able to continually put off the text notification sound and use the vibrate setting instead. In some circumstances, though, vibration may be even additional noticeable than noise.

Turn off the choice

One of the simplest ways in which to stay prying eyes from seeing your texts on your lock screen is to show off the show of the text message’s contents on the lock screen.

Thus rather than understanding, “Hey baby, what area unit you wearing?” onlookers would see one thing like “New text message received.”

Private SMS This goes on the remote side standard app concealing policies because it goes utterly invisible from your device if that’s what you wish.

You’ll be able to create it seem once more by dialing the PIN. Additionally, to concealing your text messages, it may hide your decision logs.

If you’ve got some contacts that area unit meant for your eyes solely, you’ll be able to protect them entirely from the device’s main contacts page.

This implies that these contacts can only be visible through the app and not otherwise. There area unit some safety features in suit which will be useful. i hope you know how to hide text messages on android phone now right?

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