Here are the ten best Digital Cameras you can buy in 2019. From mirrorless and DSLRs to compact, cameras are an integral part of life especially when it comes to showbiz.

Those who have the illusion that phone camera provides the best image have not witnessed the amazing effects most of these digital cameras provide.

Smartphones have done a great job in terms of camera quality, but still nowhere near the level of these photo snappers.

Can you compare the quality of images taken by paparazzi or on the golden globes Red carpet to that taken on your phone?

I will leave you to answer that …………

Lucky enough, the market is flooded with lots of high-quality digital cameras with numerous features for professional users.

best Digital Cameras

With all the numerous options in the market, we’ve decided to pick the best of the lot.

Here are top best Digital Cameras making waves in 2019:

1) Nikon D850

Nikon D850

Nikon remains one of the best producers of high-quality digital camera, Nikon D850 doesn’t disappoint either.

It’s the best DSLR camera in the market. If you think your phone camera is good, this monster camera will capture images 3× the quality of the one captured by your phone.

Nikon D850 proves that speed and resolution can co-exist around a newly designed 43.7mp camera use for capturing high-quality photo resolution and 4k UHD video recording.

D850 is a complete photo resolution and 4k UHD video recording camera.

D850 is a complete multimedia camera that allows communication between the camera and other smart devices through Wi-Fi and BlueTooth.

To crown it all, it’s robust weather favorable feature means you can take photos even in harsh weather conditions.

This camera remains the best in the market, it is priced from $3,200 above on amazon and FingaMall.

2) Sony A7R II

Sony A7R II

Sony A7R II is the second DSLRs on the list, and also the second release from the Sony A7R series.

From low light performance and handling to an excellent 5-axis optical image stabilization, all hitches presented by the previous versions have been resolved.

Though it doesn’t come close to the first camera on the list, it is still an alternative to the best DSLRs like Nikon D850. Sony A7R II has a 42.4 Mgp sensor, 5EPs shooting speed and 399-point PDAF.

All this features comes at an affordable price of E2399.60

3) Canon E0S 80D

Canon E0S 80D

This is another DSLRs, most cameras on the market fall into this category because many people venturing into the photography business.

That notwithstanding there are still good options available for compact and mirrorless cameras.

Like its predecessor the 70D, It sports a dual pixel on-sensor phase -detection autofocus and comes with a new improved 24mp CMOS sensor.

Unlike the 2 previous DSLRs on this list, 80D cannot shoot 4k videos but it does offer 1000/60p capture and continuous auto streaming and autofocus during videos.

The 80D canon also comes with a 45-point AF system compared to 70D with a low 19-point AF system.

It also features a body design that prevents dust and moisture.

4) Panasonic ZS100

Panasonic ZS100

Away from the world of DSLRs, We finally have our first compact camera on the list, it is non-other than Panasonic ZS100.

The DSLRs are suitable for professionals but with a compact camera like Panasonic ZS100, you have a powerful piece in your pocket.

Just as Nikon D850 is leading the DSLRs pack, this small classic camera from Panasonic is also doing the same for compact cameras, this still offers a better image than your phone with a 20mp 1sensor.

This pocket-sized camera has a 4k video capture and a 2.5- 5.9 zoom lens which crowns it as the best travel zoom compact camera.

5) Fuji X T-20

Fuji X T-20

From DSLRs to compact, now we are moving onto mirrorless cameras.

The Fuji X T20 remains Fujifilm’s best image processor to date beating previous releases like Fuji X-T10 and fuji x-T2.

Thanks to a more powerful processor, the T-20 captures 4k videos and powerful images with its 24 MP sensors.

The Fuji’s T20 is actually a mid-range mirrorless camera, it strikes a balance between mirror and mirrorless camera.

This camera has a slow and compact build-up which is dust and splash resistant.

6) Sony RX100 VI

Sony RX100 VI

I decided to pick one out of the impressive Sony RX 100 release in the market.

These features make it a famous sight among photographers and tourists. Thanks to its compact size.

The latest release from Rx100 series like other versions comes with a 20.Imp which is a trademark for the Rx100 series .

Like its predecessor Rx1000, Sony RX 100 VI also has 315 AF points processor and sold at $1,198.

7) Olympus Tough TG-5

Olympus tough TG-S

Finding a waterproof camera that balances both beauty and resolution doesn’t come easy, Olympus tough TG-S provides you with just that.

priced at E 399.00 which may seem high for a 12-megapixel figure but it complements that with a 1/2.3in sensor which utilizes large pixels that let in more light compared to a camera with a higher megapixel sensor number.

This compact camera takes pictures outdoors as well as in low light areas like underwater.

8) Sony A7 III

Sony A7 III

The Alpha A7 III is a  digital mirrorless camera from Sony, one of the best producers of digital cameras.

This camera comes with an improved speed and a full frame 24-2mp CMOS sensor.

Its video recording capabilities have been upgraded to capture UHD 4k videos.

9) Panasonic Lumix G80

Panasonic Lumix G80

The Panasonic Lumix G80 is a mirrorless digital camera with a 16mp sensor and a 3-inch vari- angled touchscreen.

The G80 replicates the appearance of Panasonic previous mirrorless cameras, unlike the others, it comes with no anti-aliasing filter.

The absence of this filter contributed to the excellent details seen on images.

10) Fujifilm X100F

Fujifilm X100F

This is the best camera for the lovers of photography, it is the best compact camera but comes expensive for a compact.

If you’re one that likes quality over quantity, this lightweight camera is for you.

Despite been a compact, it is paired with a DSLRs 24.3ml sensor that delivers amazing results.

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