Are you ready to welcome these 10 technologies of the future? or you don’t even know them yet? if so, keep on read, you’ll discover ten technologies of the future here

There have been prophesied that a time will come when technology will take over the world. True to these words, it seems that hour is almost upon us.

There was as a time when we use to wash our clothes ourselves, clean our environment, Travel by foot and make our food all by ourselves.

Fast track to 2018, all these chores are now performed with the aid of technology.

Technology have come to our rescue at a time when we needed it the most, we can’t say thank you enough for making things easier and less stressful for us.

Technology hasn’t stopped yet, in fact, this is just the beginning.

You are probably going to walk to the mall one day and find a robot on desk as the cashier, that is the extent technology promises to go.

Technology has so far proven to be helpful to us and by so doing blinded to the consequences we are going to face later on.

one day you will find yourself competing with technology in virtually everything, with sex doll launched in 2017 more outrageous innovation promises to follow.

In the long run, machines will take over your job, by so doing rendering many people obsolete.

you think sex dolls are the worst? Sorry, you know nothing about what is about to follow.

We bring to you 10 technologies of the future, Let’s see how better or worse it promises to get. Let’s find out!

The 10 technologies of the future are:

1. Robotics

robotic the technologies of the future

If you are still wondering what a robot is or what they capable of doing? Take a break and go to our friend Google and type Sex doll. The rest is history.

Robots are advanced technological creations engineered to perform a given task. Most recent robots are now engineered to carry out human-oriented functions.

With a glimpse into the future, 20 years from now our streets will probably be flooded with robots.

As ridiculous as it may sound, you may find yourself competing with a robot in your workplace.

I watched a movie recently where Robots act as waiters, with no single glimpse of humans among their workers.

This is a glimpse of what is to come. The launching of sex dolls took the world by storm some people are probably sharing their bed with dolls now. Wild but true.

2. 5G Network

5G Network

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

After 2G, 3G, and 4G it is very much likely that we are going to see 5G Network very soon. With plans already in place to launch this by 2020.

4G is already giving users a run for their money, 5G promises to be even better and faster.

This Network will allow higher productivity across all devices, with download speed at 10,000mbps.

3. Digital Currency

Digital Currency

The term ‘money’ has evolved from one form to another, from coins to notes. Notes aren’t going to be the last, because money is now in digital forms.

Digital Currency exhibits the same properties as banknotes, except that it can’t be seen or touched. Like notes it allows you to make transactions.

You’ve probably heard of Cryptocurrency and central bank digital base note. Cryptocurrency is gaining more recognition as more people invest in bitcoins and Ethereum.

4. Home Delivery Drone

Home Delivery Drone
Delivery drone with packet flying. Same day delivery concept

Our Normal Everyday drone is used for recording videos and taking pictures from high altitude, but not anymore. Drones are now programmed and used for something else.

In 2016 a drone successfully delivered food to an older man in a mountain in Portugal, this may be the future of our delivery system.

Many online companies are likely going to adopt this system very soon because it is particularly useful in delivering goods to places humans cannot reach. An example is the man in the mountain.

5. Organ printing

These products were formerly used in pharmaceutical drug testing. Improvement has recently gone into this sector in a bid to reduce the shortage of organs during organ transplants.

There are still questions surrounding its ability to carry out the same function as Natural Organs.

6. Bio-Technology

Bio-Technology is the process of using biological substances to create useful products.

This technology has been in use for a long time now it is the technology behind the production of alcohol from yeast and Genetic engineering.

7. Self Driving Cars

We must give some credit to Technology for making some of our dreams a reality.

Prior to now, you can only fantasize about what a self-driven car looks like but guess what? It is actually in existence.

I know you desire to own a car that can drive you around by just giving commands.

You don’t need to go through the stress of controlling the steering all you need to do is give instructions and the car will take you to your chosen destination.

8. Brain controller computers

Most devices are controlled using our hands, let’s pause for a minute and imagine us controlling our devices with our eyes or brain, sweet! Isn’t it?. You don’t have to fantasize for long because this technology is slowly coming up and soon will be flooding the market. An example of this is Stephen Hawking’s speech synthesizer.

9. Cloning


For those familiar with biology this shouldn’t look strange to you. Cloning is a system of creating an organism using the genetic information extracted from another. Cloning creates an organism that is genetically similar to the original.

Most times it leaves no traces or differences between the two. the clones are useful in impersonating the original without being detected.

It is not yet confirmed but rumors have it that top government officials send their clones to represent them in official assignments they are not able to attend.

10. Invincible Bike Helmet (Holding)

This innovation has made it’s way to European countries and Canada. The Hovding is An airbag worn around the neck, unlike your normal Helmet which is worn on the head.

Holding inflates when it’s sensors detect a jolt which may cause injury to your head.

Hovding was invented from observations gathered which indicates that people hate wearing the familiar big ugly chunky helmet on their head, After all, it doesn’t need to be obvious that you are wearing a Helmet.

Are you expecting any technologies of the future that is not on this list? if so, then leave a comment below

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