AI! AI! The echo of these words ripples across both offline and online words. It is steadily becoming a part of every corner of life.

Robotics, education, space research, the automotive industry, and even the average household, are just some areas that are being transformed by technology.

Naturally, since its inception, it was obvious that AI will one day permeate the word of iGaming. According to many experts, both the developers and players are about to experience a tectonic change.

Here are Influence of Artificial Intelligence on the World of iGaming

Real-World Effects

Siri, Cortana, Alexa, Bixby, and Google Assistant – if you haven’t heard about at least one of those, you’ve probably been living under a rock.

But, chances are, that you’ve had at least one uncomfortable and weird conversation with some of them.

Most people associate artificial intelligence with such voice assistants. They can even be entertaining on their own.

Admittedly, they are a work in progress. However, they are already being integrated into the world of gaming.

Voice assistants support a variety of interactive games, from interactive trivia for the whole gang to BBC dramas that play like narrative adventures.

We can even see them being integrated into existing console games. A game called Destiny 2 is a perfect example. The game has its own Alexa app.

It allows players to access particular features without going through aggravating menus multiple times.

If voice assistant apps become the standard, they could significantly change the user experience and iGaming interfaces. One might even expect them to merge real and virtual worlds even more.

AI has the potential to lead us into the world with gaming experiences and digital storytelling reminiscent of the Westworld. It may sound scary, but it’s becoming less hard to imagine.

Possible, we are looking at a merger between brick and mortar casinos and online casinos. VR and augmented reality have already changed standard video games and chances are, iGaming will be next.

Have you always wanted to play a game of poker in a proper Western saloon and draw your revolver each time someone accuses you of cheating? Well, your dreams might become a reality real soon.

Artificial Intelligence

Design Tool

Game content probably won’t be the only thing affected. It is also important to consider how will AI impact game design and development. Data collection, propelled by AI, has the potential to help designers develop the best possible systems.

Developers could make fine-tuning easier by running thousands of scenarios and simulations through an AI machine.

It may allow them to test a platform through the experiences of many different kinds of players and explore hundreds of different strategies.

And they could achieve that without the help of any actual players. For now, iGaming has been dominated by several popular games that all existed before the internet came to be.

AI, as well as other technologies, may bring us a myriad of new and exciting games of chance that will make standard card games obsolete.

Cheating Prevention

Since artificial intelligence can be thought of as a very flexible and advanced calculating machine, it could be used to battle cheaters. In most games, people think that cheaters are losers that just spoil the fun, without bringing much actual harm.

However, that’s not true when it comes to competitive esports and games of chance. For example, online casino platforms such as spinson, that have hundreds of games, and even more players, have to invest a lot of effort into preventing cheating.

On a platform such as that, cheating doesn’t just pose a threat to fair-play, but it can be used to literally rob people of their money. An AI system might solve the problem in a much faster an efficient manner than a brigade of experts.

All players will benefit from an artificial intelligence system that can identify and stop cheating. However, this may prove to be a double-edged sword. Players might be able to use the same technology to cheat.

What’s to stop a particularly-knowledgeable individual from creating an AI robot that can be trained to become an expert at counting cards?

And such a robot won’t ever get tired. With enough time and effort, one could teach an artificial intelligence machine to play games and gradually figure out how to win almost every time.

Are we looking at a constant battle between fraudulent AI and crime-fighting AI? Will it all come down to whose AI is better? For all we know, the battle might already be taking place behind the curtains.

Vegas casinos have already been hit computer technology designed for cheating. Claude Shannon and Edward E.

Throp created a system that can predict the journey of a roulette ball. When they put it to the test, they managed to win eight thousand dollars by betting twenty-five bucks per number.

Artificial Intelligence in the world


Let’s not forget that AI has already shown its worth in the world of gaming by beating the legendary chess grandmaster, Garry Kasparov, back in 1997. The future is uncertain, but that event could be a great indicator of what is to come.

Back in 2017, Libratus, AI programs, managed to take over $1.7 million from some of the best poker players. Games of chance are based on odds, probabilities, and statistics.

Will AI enhance the world of iGaming? Or will it make it a thing of the past? We are yet to see.

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