After the initial shock, you decide to put aside the excuses for not going on a diet. You decide to bet on being in good health, eating better and losing a few kilos.

You resist falling into the trap of any miracle diet and begin to notice the first changes in your body.

Would you like to know how your stomach reacts to your new way of feeding?

what happen to stomach
Mixed salad leaves with berries, avocado, and honey-mustard dressing

Reactions of your stomach after starting a diet

1. Stomach aches

You may not believe it, especially if you used to eat a horse with horseshoes on, but a change in diet causes your stomach to not adapt so easily to new foods.

The reason seems clear, either because you have lowered the amount you eat or because you have added new foods (especially vegetables and proteins), the truth is that your stomach hurts a lot. You may also like to see>>>>> Low calorie food for diet

2. Gand swelling

The sudden increase in vegetable consumption causes flatulence. Don’t worry, it’s totally normal.

Do not think you have more belly than before because it is not true. It is a process that your body needs to adapt progressively.

3. Diarrhea

Your body has been working with a certain type of fuel that you just changed radically.

That is, your stomach does not fully recognize such novelty and could consider it an attack, so it reacts violently. It’s annoying, but after a few days, you won’t have any more problems.

4. Generalized digestive problems

Each body is different, so it could happen that some of the new foods you eat cause you a slower and heavier digestion.

Do not give up: talk to your dietitian and look for an alternative.

Other consequences

The stomach will adapt to the new dose of food that you will be offering.

Remember that you will be advised to eat five times a day, so your stomach will work much more than before the diet.

That constant work can cause discomfort, acidity, and burning, depending on the type of diet you follow.

Likewise, it is important that you keep in mind that returning to the paths, even if you consider it as an occasional whim, will almost certainly cause you to vomit.

As we have indicated, your body gets used to healthy food with great ease. Getting two pizzas or a fast-food menu will be immediately rejected by your stomach.

If we add to all the above the classic mistakes that are made when starting a diet, the result can be negative, provided you do not have the willpower necessary to achieve weight loss and adapt your body to a healthier diet.

Also, remember that you will be subjecting your stomach to a process of special intensity.

Surely, beforehand you devoured products of industrial pastries and fats continuously.

These foods, apart from harmful ones, provide energy immediately, but they prevent the stomach from having to distribute it progressively.

With your diet, the aforementioned viscera are responsible for regularizing the distribution of nutrients and balancing the functioning of your body.

Therefore, it could be stated that you are using your stomach in the most correct way possible.

If you have taken a decision to go on a diet, go ahead. Small stomach discomforts should not be an insurmountable obstacle.

For the rest, the one who wants something costs him. Keep trying, think about your health and get your body strengthened properly.

You will notice the difference in less than fifteen days. Do you dare to start a healthy diet? Cheer up!

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