One integral factor to consider while setting up your blog or website is Web hosting, this allows you to paste your web-page on the internet which ultimately allows visitors to gain access through the internet.

Before choosing a web hosting service for your blog, you should consider these criteria: up-time, downtime, VPS, security and credibility.

Most bloggers put cost into special consideration when choosing the best service for them, but guess what?

Most cheap services do not offer the quality of services required.

With liquid web hosting charges not so friendly to small business owners despite their services been top-notch, most site owners especially bloggers patronize companies like Bluehost, HostGator and GoDaddy.

We know many sites ruined by the wrong web hosting choice and too much consideration to cost.

We don’t want you to get into this mess which is why we came up with a list of Reputable companies that will give you the satisfaction you crave for.

7 Web hosting companies



Bluehost is one of the most popular web hosting company with over 2 million websites registered with them.

This company is one of the few officially recommended by WordPress.

For those new in the business of blogging, Bluehost is the one for you not just for it’s cost but because it has been tested and trusted by many people with most testifying to their capability.

Bluehost is the best pick to power your site with an uptime of 99.9% and a start-up fee of $2.95 a month.

It lends a pretty good hand in balancing features and pricing which makes it particularly friendly to those on low budget.

It’s features include VPS hosting, Shared hosting, Dedicated Server and managed WordPress hosting, but the VPS plan is quite expensive for small business owners to afford, shared hosting is more suitable because of your budget.


HostGator is one of the best web hosting company which offers a  cheap plan, unlimited domains and bandwidths. In terms of prices Bluehost is relatively cheaper at $2.95 compared to HostGator that charges $3.95 monthly. Their Hosting plans allow you to install WordPress with ease.

HostGator features include VPS and dedicated servers which gets you in control by assigning one server to one user. Aside WordPress, Jomla is also an alternative website developer supported by HostGator. With HostGator hosting plan you can add unlimited numbers of domain on your shared plan which is also supported by unlimited bandwidths and disk space.

A2 Hosting

If you are looking for a hosting service with 99.9% uptime, Free solid state drives, Linux and window hosting, and to crown it all 24/7 crew support, A2 Hosting is the right pick for you.

This company offers Numerous features and are on the fast rise of becoming one of the best web hosting company, with their effort already earning them an Award as the best web hosting company in 2018 outstaging top companies like ipage, HostGator and Fatcow.

They represent an upgrade over other web hosting companies with a 20× fasterTurbo server which allows you to host your WordPress, Jomla and Dupla powered site.

Just Host

Just Host provides the regular hosting service offered by most web hosting companies which includes Shared hosting, VPS and Dedicated servers.

once touted as the most reliable web hosting company with it’s customer service support outstanding that of other companies, just Host has witness an outstage by most companies after switching ownership to EIG.

That not withstanding it still represent a nice option for people who want to start their business on a low budget since  it’s services comes cheap and still possess features that will keep your site running smoothly.


Fatcow is a beast in web hosting services, it represents a suitable choice for beginners who require site hosting.

it has a pretty decent rating in terms of pricing, server types, security, customer support and user friendly.

It still leaves much to be desired with many improvement still needed. With Fatcow you are rest assured of getting your money of you are not satisfied with their services. Their 30 days free trial guarantee policy grants you that previledge.

If you want a standard hosting at a cheap rate BlueHost is a better alternative.


GoDaddy have been in the business of web hosting for over 20 years and are known as the largest Domain Registrar with over 13 million websites registered under them. GoDaddy hosting plan are divided into 3 packages namely: Economy, ultimate and Deluxe package.

The Economy package is for small business owners but comes with limited features.

The bonus about this package is that it allows additional email address to be added to the domain name.

The other two plans are advance and better suited for sites with large traffic. These package comes with unlimited storage, website and bandwidths.

The bonus is that you can register a free domain name for one year.

GoDaddy services presents you with an SSL certificate to secure your site, services offered ranges from WordPress managed web hosting, shared hosting and VPS hosting.


If you are looking for a super cheap web hosting provider, you don’t need to search further because ipage is the one for you.

If you are a lover of free goodies ipage got you covered with many free features including domain name, Email address, advertising credits and Weebly web builder.

With over one million websites registered with them, they deliver all the good at just $1.99 for a start.if you consider the loads of services offered this represents more then a perfect bargain.

Ipage has a pretty good support system, while their partnership with sitelock puts your mind at ease as you don’t need to worry about security issues arising.

They are trustworthy as they maintain a consistent price from the moment you signed up to periods ahead.

One major issue with ipage is that it doesn’t use the more user-friendly Cpanel used by other sites, instead they prefer vDeck, and their poor page loading speed comes as a setback foro users.

For $1.99 it offers you more superior service than the value of your money.

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