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Master web designing and digital marketing in one place

Hey there! Do you want to learn how to design websites? Do you eager to master web design like pro in no time? Do you want to add new skills or start a new career as a webmaster? If your answers to all those questions above are YES, then you are in the right place.

Before, we could proceed.

Who am I to teach you web design and digital marketing?

Well, my name is Ochoche David. A professional web designer, digital marketer, motivator and expert blogger behind and this one you are on it right now.

I have been online since 2014 helping people to grow their business, start new business, identify new business opportunity, acquire new knowledge and take their business online.

I have helped a lot of my families and friends to become a web designer, blogger, infopreneur, vlogger, and digital marketer.

I always have zeal to help people grow and make things out of themselves but the question is; are you willing to learn?

The reason I lunch this web designing and digital marketing course isn’t because of money rather to help you increase your worth. Why money comes in is that people value what they pay for, more than free stuff.

How this web design and digital marketing course work?

This crucial training is dividing into four plans and they are:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • platinum

What you will learn in each plan and how each of them works:

Here’re in-depth details of what you will expect from each plan. Permit me to start from the least plan which is “BRONZE

  1. Bronze: By joining this plan, you will learn how to design any types of responsive websites with WordPress, and other drag and drop website builders like gator and leadpage.

Note: I’m not going to teach you coding. Everything is based on WordPress. You will learn in and out of WordPress. After this course you will be able to create business websites, potfolios, e-commerce sites, forum, membership sites, blogs and any other creatives’ sites you may imagine

Other benefits of bronze plan

  • 1 Free live seminar
  • Free certificate
  • 247 support
  • Free access to private WhatsApp and Facebook groups

That’s the entire offer you will get from bronze. Let’s move to the second plan which is silver.

  1. The silver: This plan is more advance than bronze. By joining silver, you will learn the following:
  • Web designing
  • Facebook marketing
  • Twitter marketing
  • Pinterest marketing
  • Vlogging (YouTube channel creation and monetization)

Other benefits of Gold plan

  • YouTube channel creation and monetization
  • 2 free live seminars
  • Free access to private WhatsApp and Facebook groups
  • Free certificate on web designing
  • 247 support
  • Free eBook on Facebook marketing

As you can see SILVER is package with a lot of things to learn. After you have successfully with the course, and you implement what you have learnt and your money will flow in like water.

The Gold: I love gold and I hope you too. Gold plan is package with a lot of rich features that no one is gladly to teach you but I took it to myself to be the first person to do that.

So you will learn the following topics in this pan:

  • Web designing
  • Email marketing
  • Vlogging
  • Social media marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Blogging
  • Basic search engine optimization (SEO)

Other benefits of Gold plan

  • YouTube channel creation and monetization
  • 3 free live seminars
  • Free access to private WhatsApp and Facebook groups
  • Free certificate on web designing
  • 247 support
  • Free eBook on Facebook marketing

After the course you will become expert in all of the topics listed above.

The platinum: This package is meant for people who are looking for a way to become digital marketing expert in no time. It’s only dedicated to digital marketing. If you are looking for digital marketing course then, this is definitely for you.

Digital marketing is divided into 2 categories and you will go to learn all of them step by steps. The categories are:

  1. Online marketing

Online marketing is dived into 8 branches and they are:

  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing
  • SEO (Search engine optimization)
  • Sem (Search engine marketing)
  • Pay-per-click marketing (ppc)
  • Email marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Video marketing
  1. Offline marketing

Offline marketing also have 7 branches and they are:

  • Bill board advertising
  • Sponsor video
  • Commercial tv station marketing
  • Commercial radio station marketing
  • Bulk sms
  • Voice/Audio marketing
  • Video marketing

Digital marketing is a very wide topic, so it will last for 4 months. The reason is that, I don’t want to rush you during the training so that you have clear understanding of each of the subtopics of digital marketing listed above.

Other benefits of platinum plan

  • YouTube channel creation and monetization
  • 4 free live seminars
  • Free access to private WhatsApp and Facebook groups
  • Free certificate on web designing and digital marketing
  • 247 support during the course and on month after
  • Free eBook on Facebook marketing

By joining any of these training plans, you are entitling to all of the benefits the plan is package with. So let’s us take a look how the training work.

How the training work?

The training is an online training which takes place here on this website. You will subscriber to any plan of your choice in other to have access to our exclusive contents and master the topics your plan features.

You will login to read the premium contents. We also host free live seminars (youtube streaming) for you to understand the lessons more.

Student requirements:

Each student must possess the following requirements

  • Have access to internet
  • Have pc or smartphone
  • Ability to purchase a domain
  • Must be discipline and courageous
  • Ability to ask questions and
  • Ability to take action or put the lessons in practice.

If you possess the entire requirement above then, you’re good to role with big guys. All of us both the teachers and students in this great community are big guys, so be part of us is the greatest thing you will ever did.

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